Grade ranking for completed flights

Currently the system only mark your missions’ result as Victory once we finished a mission. I think it’s better if we could have a grade for each Victory. The first grade is “Perfect” (an SS mark), tells that player did complete mission with no live lost and no preparedness. The second grade is “Conquered” (an S mark, sorry if that name sounded dumb idk) for completing with no live lost. You would get an S by getting “Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time Award”, and to get SS mark you have to also get “Medal of Extreme Unpreparedness”. Log out players are not getting the grades.

This’ll increase “missions’ difference awareness” and replayability. Casual player would be busy on completing easy missions instead of try to pass a difficult mission. Pros would have more fun time going for perfect marks.


Medals already do the job though


No they don’t. They aren’t assigned to missions so you can’t see how well you performed. The only thing that you can see is “passed” or “lost”:

I’m only worried about this text:

That wouldn’t be great. If we’re adding it then you better think of way to actually make it possible to earn it on every mission. Adding impossible things is stupid.

As I said, it’s stupid.


A difficulty could go up as hard as you want, buy a game should be beatable. What the point of playing if you CAN’T win it?

I should have put “Impossible” instead. It just means the missions are very hard for casual player and no pro can complete them yet but it’s obvious that they will get beaten.

Edit: Deleted the confusing part, what i wanted to say is rewrote above.

No one tells you to get S mark, it’s just for game completion shake and you CAN get SS if you are skill enough.

If a pro can’t complete them then it means they aren’t possible. Keep in mind that there are no “Super pros”. Pro is a pro so they are the best.

How is it obvious? Do you have some kind of playtesting the mission that will result in knowing if the wave is beatable by humans?

It doesn’t work like that. There are perfectionists who MUST get the best result. “No one tells you to get S mark” won’t work on them.

Yeah, if you’re skilled enough. Not impossible stuff. What, did you get preview to Traveller difficulty skill rework? Hard should be hard, but doable.


It’s obvious because it is. How many games have you played? Do you know about boshy no death leaderboard, and 1000pp barrier, and 202 berries. I thought this impossible word is just a common word in gaming? I only see ngoinhado use log out very rarely and i bet he is one of the first pros to put SS on hardest missions.

Are you a perfectionist to say that? THAT’s the problem of perfectionist, not anyone problem, and that because they are perfectionists, they know what they doing is not easy, they train their skill to get there eventually or give up.

That’s out of this topic and I don’t have anything against it. Again S and SS marks are not easy to get and nothing is impossible. I didn’t make anything impossible did i?

Clearing an “impossible” mission is already difficult enough, but getting a SS rank… it’s impossible × impossible.

Challenges are there to be beaten by the legends! Good luck!

Honestly I myself want this thing so i can have more interest in the game but you guys always overreact things.

I had questions here:

  • Can I get SS separately, one mission for Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time and another for Medal of Extreme Unpreparedness (resulting to SS afterwards)?
  • It’s still achievable using Tourist difficulty, right?

You mean you want to get S for Medal of Extreme Unpreparedness? I don’t think it worthy for an S. If not SS will overtake S. And separated medal won’t work.
Edit: sorry i didn’t know Unpreparedness medal includes Greatest Hunter medal :confused:

Yes, for me I consider difficulty - ship - weapon are just playstyle of a player, because if you are a hardcore from starting you’ll soon see yourself buying SSH despite you’re too bad for it, and if you just want to chill you will never change skill level. Again SS is just a personal look up for missions, when per-mission’s leaderboard come it uses score for leadering so not all SS will get there (again S and SS should not give any score at all, medals did it for them).

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Oh. Then I suggest also adding used difficulty skill to mission info. SS mark that you got on Tourist skill is way less impressive than SS mark earned on SSH skill.


That’s overkill, honestly.

Definitely playing a mission on Tourist wouldn’t count on such achievement (noting that Rookie is the default skill.)

i see no point for this feature honestly
medals exist for a reason

besides, if a new player starts playing and gets a crap grade, isn’t that going to demoralize them

No it’s not. It’s the same problem that I’ve got with medal for not dying in Chicken Invaders Episodes. You can earn it without a problem if you just spam the missiles - you just won’t get the medal for not using missiles. If you combine both of them it’s harder and way more informative.

Yeah, but if we get Mark system + difficulty skill info then it would be better. Because you can still get SS mark on Tourist level skill, but it will be displayed that you used the easiest difficulty so you can know that there is still something to improve. And this way the skills are still used.

Once again:


This is used per-mission to mark a completion.

There’s no crap grade. Well i didn’t play osu tutorial but i heard people say they got D’s tho :slight_smile:

Isn’t it better to be able to see your past results then

Like, a button that displays the results of your most recent victory/highest score on that mission (except failures, because no one needs to know how much you sucked. Unless you have not beaten it yet, then it displays your most recent fail)

OP just said you can’t get SS if you used any items (on slots), only S if you don’t die.

I know, I very much know that people here don’t like to read, but please read it again. I was referring to how older episodes work, not CIU. 1uws idea was that you get SS if you didn’t lose any lives and didn’t use any special equipment. And you would get only S for not losing any lives. I referred to it because it’s much harder to achieve both of those requirements at once than earning them separately.

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Why did you say it’s not [overkill] then?

Oh wait, getting unpreparedness medal means also getting greatest hero of all time medal, my bad.