Meteor storm mission type suggestion

hey, remember that chapter from CI3 called meteor storm?
- YouTube (this is bc media’s video of that chapter)
sooo…i’d really like that this chapter comes back as a new mission type or special mission, whatever it’s called
and uh… asteroids are already here so it would be extra easy for @InterAction_studios to make that mission type
and if my suggestion is added to this game it would make an epic trio (e.g supernova, comet chase and meteor storm)

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It’s already planned.

i don’t think so. if it was planned then the meteor storm would be added in v.9.1 when the asteroids were added
plus there is no icon for the meteor storm mission types:

It’s the third icon, asteroids.

uh, no? that’s comet chase.

No, it’s asteroids in general, it’ll probably include meteor storms and comet chase styled levels, maybe more…

nah, meteor storm was never mentioned, only comet chase was mentioned,

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Meteor storm is same as asteroids.
They were mentioned.

yeah but, meteor storm are asteroids, and meteor storm is a special chapter only featuring asteroids, and that’s why i am suggesting it to be a special mission

Were they? :thinking:

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“asteroids” but asteroids are already here :thinking: and they didn’t mention “meteor storm”

Dude, it’s the same thing, only called differently.

actually you’re right, but i still wonder why there aren’t any special missions about them when they are already here as a normal wave?

IDK, maybe IA didn’t finish it because there were little group of people that wanted 09 to be released on weekend and they actually did release it that time which was totally awesome because I had so much time to test it and I absolutely love the 09 update.

also, why isn’t there a icon for it?

The game .exe only lists seven mission types. The unused ones are called Comet Chase, Supernova, Retro, Supply Droid and Rectangular. Meteor Storm is nowhere to be found in the files. If it is planned, it will be added later.


But aren’t comet chase type missions also with basic asteroids type included? So there are more varieties than just comet chase.

uh, no

@InterAction_studios can you explain?