My first impressions and questions

What was your callsign in the game?

Also, did progress saving EVER work on your account? That is, did you ever log out and log back in and your progress was saved? Or did you only play it in one long continuous session?

Nevermind I got it back somehow…

Hey @InterAction_studios is it possible to make more starfields for levels, not the ones from previous games u can buy but some new ones which are by default in the missions, because it’s too repetitive in every level there is the same starfield background? Also if u enter a mission located on a sun, can you make it look different, like a sunrays in a mission to make it feel unique

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Yes, but since starfields are a cosmetic change, it will take a while. Suns will eventually have their own dedicated missions (“Supernova” at the very least)

Speaking of missions, what type of missions will there be? I think i recognized boss rush and comet chase… What mission type would you add first/prefer?

From CI3: Comet chase, Asteroids

From CI4: Supernova, Supply Droids, Retro

From CI5: Feather fields, Planetary (maybe)

There’s also a new planned type (tentatively named “Endurance”) where a mission only has a single type of wave (a rectangular block), but it gets harder and harder as you progress.


Are regular asteroids (CI3 and earlier) going to appear in invasion missions or will they be only available in their own mission type?

They’ll be sprinkled throughout regular missions too, but they’re ll be dedicated missions as well (we’ll make them a little bit more interesting in that case).

Did anyone ever enjoy the “Bonus Challenge” missions from CI3? We could introduce some of those, too.


YES BRING IT ALL BACK, also back on the sun missions, do you remeber how u did sunrays in ci5 wave “popcorn”? U could put those lighting effects in supernovas to make them cooler

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Also i see a lot of electric planets. On this planet missions will be cool to see some lightings, who can appear from CI5 at the background around the levels. Also: is it posible to fight with bosses like the hearth of darkness and the ice cube?

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Bonus challenges are nice :slightly_smiling_face:

What about infinite missions, where it gets harder and harder to the point where it gets basically impossible? Would be interesting to compete there.

Maybe some kind of travell inside a black hole or something, will be good for this kind of missions.

Yes, see my suggeation on supermassive black hole level

I know about this from a very long time. That’s exactly why I mentioned it.

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@InterAction_studios here check these and can you tell if this is possible to make in the game?


This will be amazing!

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Yes, we plan on introducing mission “environments” (like the examples you mentioned).

This is considered a cosmetic change, and might take while, but it will happen.


Are planet surfaces/undergrounds planned to come back?

I mentioned it once. I guess they will…