Medals section bug

(medals section) have a bug.
The medals we’ve already received were removed in this release!
please fixed it!!!
it is not good.
We played so much to collect them.
please please please!!!

They had to be reset because they were reworked. It’s not that bad.


OK but fixed it!:pensive:

@InterAction_studios please answer me!

Dude. Have you read this?
Here’s an excerpt:

Im sorry . i dont see

“your medals have been regrettably reset”
He already knows, and there won’t be anything to do about it. I ſuſpect he reſet the medals becauſe there waſn’t an eaſy alternative.

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I lost my two Lorem Ipsum medals. It costed me very much to have them.

They are easy. Just find a easy mission. The hell medals are those who need to win 1st place on daily’s or weekly or whatever challenge.


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