Make the stores by default!

When traveling a star system that has a Heroware, Aftermarket, etc… you have to go and enter its orbit to buy cheap/rare items,


So how about adding them in the default store(after exploring the orbits) instead of taking the time to travel an orbit to another.


That will kill the meaning of rarity. Because they will have to be hidden like that.

I know, but it should only by default in those types of star systems only.

*be by default

Or maybe after exploring the stores orbits the cheap items could be added to the default store(for that star system only).


I’am talking about cheap items.

How will it kill rarity? It literally only saves you few seconds because you don’t use fuel inside system. It’s not a bad idea.


If only after exploring those planets and stores, then yes I agree indeed. Could save some time for me.


Marksam practically said the same thing above.

You even copied his text boldness…


4 exact same words, in the exact same order, with the exact same style on second word.


It’s pretty convenient, but does it only shows items at the stores nearby or all of the stores you explored?

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It shows the item the stores that you explored in the default store and they will be removed if you leave that star system.

So it only shows the items in the stores in the star system you’re at, right?

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Yes, only the ones that contains Herowares, Aftermarkets, etc…

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It’s Hell good idea

Why I couldn’t get it before you?


What did you mean in the blurred text


I am mean I he is smarter than me and I love that.

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I completely disagree with this one. Sometimes you would like to check how cheap is an item compared to shops, and it will be extremely annoying seeing Extra Lives out of stock in Galatic Store, boom one day of no second chances or spend your fuel going to another system, huh?

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This can be solved by adding a new number to item that will tell you what is the difference between the galactic shop:
Here it is +13 keys in red, because it is 13 keys more than in galactic shop and red color is usually seen as a loss. Gain could be green or blue.

Then maybe if shop is out of stock of their items then it uses the galactic store items? This way you can’t have something out of stock.


Then what’s the whole point of this?
Just saving 3 seconds entering orbit?