Make the stores by default!

Yes? I mean, that’s the entire point of this idea.

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I still disagree as a player who has Orbit Droid

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And i’m included in one of those lovers.

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I just click it on every ideas, ok?

Still, that’s a good idea, no matter the items you have. trust me.

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That’s beyond words stupid. This button is for when you agree with someone/something.


No, this will just make you orbit Space Burger forever

I agreed at first until now

Ahem. Guys, can we all slow the hell down? It’s a good idea, no matter the items you have, really trust me.

No matter standing in Bellerophone orbitting Space Burger forever

Jesus christ, this whole topic is just confusing…


thisistrueuser started it… he said it’s a bad idea, and I say it’s a good idea.

everyone has opinions

Yes but you shouldn’t fight over your opinions…

And you keep it going huh.

Let’s say the local store is out of stock. What will you do then? Leave star system just to buy a phase-out?


okay, but still, don’t say it’s annoying, that’s a good idea.

That’s what I exactly said

Ekhem. Finish reading whole topic first before joining.

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Sorry, but there are 43 comments now. While I was writing this you guys wrote another 10 ._ .