Lots of ideas

Let’s start with squadron ideas

  1. Squadron can have diffient icons for pending, you are in
  2. You can choose your own Squadron icon (next to the your squadron icon) it can be some things like chicken, chick, gift, Muller ship,…
  3. Sorting squadrons in status, name, date
  4. Squadron description, why not?
  5. Squadron settings button, you can modify the icon and squadron name, description

Next, a mountable item:
Atomic Powerup (yes I know I’m crazy)
It’s Perishable and cost 15 keys 1 each

Trading system (Already Suggested by me in 2019)
You can trade items and keys
You can’t trade your only ship if another player don’t deal a ship
Your ship Equipments will stay and after the trade and it will automaticly equip because you can’t live without flagship
You both need to accept for the trade to success

Next, medal award keys
If it already, please add 100 keys each Bug or Idea medal
example: 1 multikill medal give 1 key

Better engine = bomber move faster
if you have the best engine fully upgraded you can move fast as H&C with bomber

Fly test
Basically you can fly test a vehicle in a 10-wave mission.
You have 5 lives
This don’t count to your stats

@InterAction_studios please give me feedback about these stupid ideas
I’m lazy so no artworks


that seem pretty good to me

I don’t think the bomber one is so good, engines aren’t very expensive along with the fact that this woiod make bombers meta if people can handle their hitboxes. Other than that, these are pretty great!

I don’t like it, but I love it.Brilliant.



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Already suggested but can’t find the source (UPD: Found, sent bellow)

In first squadron ideas topic there was something similar I think, will check.
UPD: Checked:

Already exists as weapon upgrade. Adding more is strange.

Don’t remember about items and ships but keys were suggested even before you. Also will try to find later.
UPD: Found:

InterAction said in one of the first plan updates that people who find bugs and give ideas which made into game will get key reward, so, already suggested by IA.
Other medals can break economic as you can get several multikill medals in one wave. This will result farming.

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Did you even read Perishable

Yes. That doesn’t mean it will be better.

Oh ok. Will add some

This poll is better not exist because some dislike 1 but vote no

You can’t find so you can’t say that

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So you say that they’re already suggested
They are not added so it’s normal

The trading is different. Mine is trade using contacts

Contacts key sharing was suggested even before.


I have suggested it in my first topic (and it was stupid)

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