Loadout takes time!

When switching between Spacecrafts, it takes time to loadout the ship, take the items from it and add it to another ship, so I suggest an option that when we click on it it empties the Spacecraft, so we don’t have to loadout and take the time to remove and add items, it should be called “Empty Spacecraft”,
I also suggest an option that will allow us to save the item system that we add in out Spacecraft, so we could load it without taking the time to fill it with the same items over and over and another one that let us delete the system in case we don’t want it anymore.


i agree with having an option named empty spacecraft.
because i was thinking of that also.


I agree, especially when you’ve got lots of equipment. kinda tiring to double click every item in order to remove it and put it in the other spaceship.


Or you looking at the big picture and if my idea for Reward Medal ‘‘Shopping Fever’’ will come true, you can buy for every Ship his own Equip. At some progress of the game you will have the keys for that. Full Equip for a Ship cost around 15k keys or so.

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I agree


Added to v.40


I suggest somethink similar …reload last config.

Someone suggested earlier, but it’s for mission slots instead of spacecrafts.

Why isn’t it added in the update??

Umm it is added in the missions config screen.

But what I wanted was a one like it, but while loading out in Spacecrafts.

It is here. Look:

No, I meant when loading the Spacecraft:

Ohhh hmmm I guess this should be implemented also.

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