Early Access version 61.2

yay more suffering

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I don’t know why you guys don’t bother making a poll:
  • I’d love that.
  • Please no.
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Of course I do

since we have shady dealers now it would be cool to have space police and if you are too close to a cop while trading with a shady dealer he will catch you and you will have to pay or do a mission where you run away from him or something like that


Quick Quality of Life suggestion: “Unmount All” button for the loadout screen. I regularly fly for Medals of Extreme Unpreparedness and it would be nice to have a less time consuming way to remove everything.

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Already suggested by myself:

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Another Idea - maybe Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade should be redefined as an Ironman exclusive (like a random final boss or something)? It always felt like a bit of a weird joke wave to have show up normally, that would feel like a much more fitting place for it in my opinion.

Added to v.62 :medal_sports: Idea


Added to v.62 :medal_sports: Idea. I’m really not sure how that would improve things, however, since you’d need to reload the weapon/engine/heatsink/etc afterwards :man_shrugging:


Hope it won’t unequip all the hardpoints

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Great, at least they’re not so annoying now, and not so cheesable.
Was it from this post though?

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The “Ingame-purchase” need a shortcut here.

I guess that’s an improvement.

I used Corn Shotgun and overheated (turned to pop corns), but received the “Iceman” medal. Is it intended?

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Yes, as you technically didn’t overheat it.


The nightmare returns with a twist! :smiling_imp:

Oops, I was actually talking about the mountables screen (extra lives, HUD items, etc). That feels more necessary than just removing four items + satellites.

The unmount all already exists on the loadout screen

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iA, how about making the description medals more roleplay-ish?

  • Daily Medals: Awarded for providing effort on cleaning the Easy/Intermediate/Elite Henpire Mobile Force.

  • Weekly Medal: Awarded for providing best efforts on protecting the fort.

  • Space Race: Awarded for the fastest recruit in securing the artifact.

  • Early Access: Awarded for joining the UHF during it’s under construction phase.

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Was forgetting to report this for at least 2 weeks but according to CI3, Yolk-Star™ should drop firepowers across the whole screen width when entering second phase (not sure about 25/50/75 thing). In CIU firepowers are too close to the middle of screen and almost don’t escape horizontal yolk bounds upon explosion, making it easier to collect all at once.