League Betting Update Idea

I want keys. Do you want keys? If so, this is your chance.

When challenging someone to a dare you now can bet a certain amount of money between 100 and 500 keys. The person you are daring must bet too, and his bet should be at minimum of the same amount as yours. What happens next?
You both fly the match as usual.
The loser of the dare loses the money he bet. The winner gets all the cash.

Here’s another idea: What if the league points you get after the match affect how much you lose/win keys? Let’s say you both bet 200 keys. You win and get 4,53 league points.
The loser loses 2004,53 = 906 keys
The winner gets 400
4,53= 1812 keys
Damn… money for nothing getting rich quick scheme!!!

  • Yes sir, we need this in the game
  • No way, this sucks
  • Maybe, but it needs some improvement (do tell)

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This is basically gambling


Too much

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I like how all of your ideas about collecting keys so far

CIU League becoming a casino


This is too much

This makes the game way easier and more of gambling game

Forcing someone to bet thousands of keys would be extremely fun. Totally not abusable either.
And what if the darer bets so many keys that the other person can’t bet for the same amount? For example I get dared by someone and they bet 20k keys and I only have 10k. How would you handle that?


Your Idea: 5.5/10
My Decision: 3.5/10
Results: :star::star:

Reason: I think about earning more keys from the others is great, but with some sense that if someone have no keys to bet it. How do you fix to get balance right, @Horseradish?

Suggestion: Remove the gambling, which will lost amount of keys

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hoo boy time to lose even more keys than i do rn (help i have a gambling addiction)

The bets will be limited so that you cannot bet, say, more than a half of what the other person has. Plus all of the gamble bets will be declineable.

Which some abusive players must be fun to annoying the other players with their own purposes. That’s why this idea is completely mess and I hate those disrespected and impolite.

This would make the game alot worse

You are thinking that the game would be better with gambling
you would basically ban ciu from some countries
Bec gambling is banned from some countries and some religions say that it is forbidden
And if somebody bough keys with money then used it for gambling you would just turn ciu to a casino like that

And you are also trying to make earning keys way easier


My country is one of them too. Gambling is the forbidden laws in my country, which will be punished to jail in prison and execute.


Still not a fan of this. I can imagine many people will either just not use this or lose a shitton of keys thanks to this.
Oh yeah, and how about the fact you can abuse this with alt accounts? You already could use them to abuse mechanics, but judging by what you wrote in the post, the winner gains way more keys than the loser loses, which would be a huge exploit.


laughs in monopoly


Holy shit!!

Card game!!

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This isn’t same as gambling, it’s betting, besides, you can’t convert keys back to money so the benefits are rather slim. I do not think that you would be put on death row for it haha
But OK… I agree it’s a rough idea that will do more harm than good. I will be back soon with a better idea for something else. Cheers!

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same shit

horse race moment

bad idea to do his idea