League Betting Update Idea

there is a system like this in csr racing 2, it can work, but well its gambling and that can wreck game’s age rating

This idea is terrible ._.


I think this feature should be limited, we can just bet…times, and no more than…keys/a battle, and we can battle with players have a approximate league score only

or not add it, since betting is forbidden and affecting, regardless of the frequency
besides, it’s easily exploited

i think this idea need improvement like, u can see the opponent’s keys then bet amount of keys he can afford to bet then fight, if he bet the money that the opponent’s key, it immediately cancelled,
p/s imo, this is still great, just need very more improvement to add this feature

you’re feeling great about gambling?

Many countries around the world are already against loot boxes that give “feelings” like gambling or buying lottery tickets, how much worse could it be if actual gambling is in this game?

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well, almost of the world banned of gambling, so it won’t be appear in CIU

This is Chicken Invaders Universe, not Chicken Invaders Monopoly.

Also, that would break the economy in CIU.

I don’t want this. It’s a game that’s not gambling.

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Negative keys.

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