[Idea] Cup betting

Yes, there is something similar already suggested (League Betting Update Idea), but I swear it is an accident.

Anyway, the idea itself: whenever new cup starts and gets past group phase, you can make a bet sequence. For it you must put some keys, select the person you think is going to win and depending on the outcome you either get or lose bet points. By the end of the cup your bet points sum up, normalise if needed to make it more or less fair for you and other players, and you either get or lose keys depending on how much bet points you have.

Other way, there could be some bet balance instead which can only be merged with the real one when you reach a certain amount of keys. Though I don’t see how this one can be balanced not to make it a keys exploit, so I prefer the first version.

The bet option might be enabled as a reward for reaching tier 99, because at this point there’s no income from leveling up and the max tier itself is one of the most pointless things in-game.

No poll here, because I’d rather see how it can be improved first. It’s very raw and I can’t make it better myself.


Ok, now this initial idea is very interesting.

So let me and people to add parts for it.
Here is my based form:

  • 3 first days of Group Match: You can bet for 3 aspect, for each bet, you can put at most 100 keys
    • The person access to Knockout phase with the highest points in every groups. (Multiply 2x)
    • The person with the lowest points to access to Knockout phase. (Multiply 2x)
    • The person with the lowest point in every groups (Multiply 4x)
  • Knockout phase: Just guess and bet the person you think would win the cup, but as the cup go on by, the multiply will decrease:
    • Bet in 1st day: Multiply 5x (Put at most 500 keys)
    • Bet in 2nd day: Multiply 3x (Put at most 400 keys)
    • Bet in x day after: Multiply 1+3/x (x>=3) (Put at most 300 keys)

Lose in any bet will result in you will receive back the keys you bet but devide for the multiply in that bet.
Now come to examples. Just like my style, i want everyone to know my idea completely and not by only logic:

  • If i bet 100 keys for Francis to access Knockout phase with the highest points (and win the bet), i will receive 200 keys.
  • In Knockout phase, i bet Liz to win the cup from day 1 to day 5, from 1st to 5th day are 500, 400, 300, 300 and 300 keys (and win all bets), i will receive 500x5+400x3+300x2+300x1,75+300x1,6=5305 keys in total.
  • If i bet 100 keys for ACBXYZ to lose the Group phase with the lowest points, and i lose the bet, i will receive 50 keys back.
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Sounds cool, but gambling is not a good idea morally.


If we just bet keys then everything is ok

Keys are the premium currency in the game (although very easy to get), any betting can send a dangerous message to 7+ children playing the game.

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As a matter of principle, I’d rather not encourage any sort of betting in the game.


Sounds like gambling.


It is gambling. :oncoming_police_car:

:fist::door: :fist::door: :fist::door:



This is the third reply about gambling, like, ok, I didn’t think about that when suggesting, perhaps because I shouldn’t suggest stuff at 3 am. One reply from GuestUniverse was enough for me to realise. Is it funnier if you repeat it three times?


What did you expect? I mean, look at sites like youtube, where videos get the same type of comment repeated 100 times. Isn’t this the kind of amazing quality we want over here as well?

In YouTube comments are sorted however YouTube wants, and it’s generally not possible to read through many of them (partly because YouTube doesn’t show part of them). Here, however, it’s quite easy to read through few replies, and the reply button is always at the bottom.

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