Just 30 chicken breeds concepts

Hello, I’m Stardrone and I was bored in quarantene…

In this topic I will show you 30 new chicken breeds.

While creating all of these concepts I wanted to give the game more variety, especially in harder missions, (since a lot of people want an harder game) and making endgame less boring.

Please, let me know what do you think about these ideas.
(I will add explicative drawings/animations in the future for all of them)

Just few things before starting:

  1. When I say “these chickens lay eggs in a traditional way” I am saying that the egg falls to the bottom of the screen without any aim or weird effects (Basic chicken style)

  2. I will update/add/replace some breeds as the game gets updated. If a concept won’t work anymore I will try to rework it in order to make it still worth to suggest

  3. Images will be added in the future (“It’s more than an entire year Stardrone… when is future?”)

Let’s begin:

These chickens throw a boomerang to the bottom of the screen istead of an egg. The boomerang will move slower but will return to the (original) sender location.

Chickens of this breed doesn’t attack by themself, they “only” boosts nearby allies’s attacks speed and will also reduce their delay between attacks. (Effect doesn’t stack)

These are the adult version of berserker chickens.
When they get hit the first time they drop an axe and goes berserk.

This chicken breed has the ability to become sightly transparent for a short amount of time (2.5 seconds), thanks to its unique camouflage feathers.
Can’t appear on some waves due to obvious reasons

5)Master ninja
The adult version of ninja chicks: they tend to avoid your shots and use shurikens as ammo (very fast but really small hitbox) and they aim at your direction.
They throw 2 shurikens in an “A” pattern like ufo chicks do.

Military-breed chickens on an UFO.
Their eggs are (almost) aimed at your location: the chicken AI will try to shoot in the direction you are moving, anticipating your movement.

These chicken are faster than normal ones in every aspect: they shoot eggs faster and more often.
They will also move sightly faster in the attack formation (If slobs move slower why not try the opposite?). They are banned from high-speed chase (and similar waves) by the Henperor itself.
By the way they are a frail breed and their look should be inspired by the superhero Flash.

8)Hazard -miniboss breed
A toxic chicken inside a (green)chickenaut armor! Toughter and stronger! They can only take up to 1000 damage (like normal chickenauts), upon death they leave a bigger poison area. They have sightly less hp than chickenauts but shoot 4 lasers istead of 3.

Every time they get hit they will lay an egg that moves really fast. They won’t target you like coward does by the way. (And they will have a 2 second delay between each attack)

These chickens lay eggs in a coordinated pattern (dropped “traditionally”) forcing the player to focus on them first.
Their AI will make Tacticals on the side of the screen to attack first, while the ones at the centre of the screen will attack for last.
Banned on certan waves due to obvious reasons

Chickens from this breed will split in half if they get hit and survive. The new chickens will behave more aggresively (attack delay reduced by 25% ) but can’t split themselves anymore. The clones won’t follow the wave pattern.
(This may be the hardest one to code)

The rarest chicken breed in the universe: only one can appear in a wave since they drop a key (and lots of coins) for granted.
They have a good amount of hp (Like a Baloon) and fly away (in a random direction) after getting the first hit.
They are worth a lot of points.
Their limited number is disabled in key rush missions.
Clean sweep count for this chicken too.

13)Cold/Chill (Can’t decide the name)
Whenever a cold chicken is hit, It will rush to your position; Leaving a cold area (that slow down your movement speed) when it dies.
This cold area is not pure evil: entering it will instantly cool down your weapon by 4%.
Also Bombers are uneffected by the slow down.
Note: The area lasts the same as a toxic’s and is just a light blue recolor
Note 2: Spawn chance increased in cold environments, lowered in hot environments
This breed was added in V.113

The opposte of Chill chickens, their behavour is the same but the area will istantly heat your weapon by 6% and won’t slowdown (also is red).
Replace Cold chickens in 70%+ difficulty
Note: Spawn chances increased on hot environments, lowered in cold environments
This breed was added in V.114

Reverse chichens are just… weird.
They fly upside down and drop eggs in a “fountain” way (The egg is ejected at the top of the screen, progressively slowing down until it stops; at that point it falls as a normal egg)
This weird attack may sound simple to avoid at first, but remember that in this game enemies follows weird wave patterns

16)Cyber -miniboss breed
Chickens of this breed are cyborgs!
They gets weaker as they lose hp.
This means that their eggs are propelled at a slower speed the more damage they take

17)Sponge -miniboss breed
Chickens of these breed gets stronger the less hp they have.
Stronger= Eggs are propelled faster, more often and at 30%hp they start laying 2 eggs at once.
Replace cyber in 70%+ difficulty

These chickens loves to play with glue so much!
Their attack consists in a glue splat (yellow recolor of the poop bullet) that stuns you for 0.5 seconds.
During stun you can still use superweapons but not the main weapon.
Dimensional phase-out removes the stun.

This chicken behaves normal, its eggs not.
The eggs sightly home to your location after 0.5 seconds (up to 10 degrees variation).
A new egg sprite is needed to differentiate them between other egg types.
About homing: The egg doesn’t drastically change their direction, they behave like photon swarm’s bullets.

20)Chicknaut -mini miniboss breed
A cute little chick “armored” by an egg shell.
Reworked in date 2-6-2021: This chicken will shoot poop in a traditional way but will shot 3 lasers at random directions when hit while shielded.
This miniboss will regularly hide himself inside its egg and enter into a shield state (Doesn’t attack unless attacked and takes half damage)

21)Egg bomb
This isn’t a proper chicken breed.
In harder waves some eggs may be replaced by this bomb. When it is destroyed explodes and a chicken fly free too.
The explosion doesn’t damage chickens, affects only the player.

22)Leader -miniboss
When a Leader is killed all nearby chickens will attack.
This ability will force the player trying to not kill it first… or will be blasted.
Attack: Lay 1 egg “traditionally”
Can’t appear in some waves

This chicken have as its attack a “summon” of little chicks (1hp) that rams at the player and move really fast.
Longest attack delay between all the breeds.
Can’t appear in some waves where movement is limited.

24)Fun club
Super chicken fun club members
Just chicks that lay 2 poop at once and wears its mask.
(Just chick version of military chickens, replace them in easy difficulties)

A cool chicken that wears cool sunglasses and an elegant black suit.
Their attack is always aimed at the centre of the screen.
Bullet: proximity eggs
Whenever the player dies, chickens of this breed will look at the opposite direction of the explosion since they are cool guys.

Chickens of this breed love esplosives… a lot.
They shoots a new bullett called “eggranade” to the bottom of the screen.
After a distance of “4 chickens”, the eggranade will explode, spreading 4 yolk bullets in an “X” pattern.
Can’t appear in some waves
Added 2-6-2021: Alternative Eggranade activation: istead of exploding after a certan distance it could work as a proximity egg that will leave those bullets after the explosion (Activated by player only)

These chickens flaps their wings so fast that they can slow down your own bullets!
(Some weapons like lasers and absolver are uneffected)
(Can the game actually support such feature?)

28)Henperial guard
Updated concept 17-1-2021
A chicken that can use every type of attack from other enemies in the game.
The attacks actually follow a fixed rotation (The order attacks are done isn’t random)

Breed added in a different date
Angry chickens introduce an unique aggresssion mechanic to the game: they become more aggressive as you become more aggressive.
Their Movement, shooting frequency, number of eggs deployed, type of egg and bullet speed increases the more aggressive you are.
Aggression takes into account how many chickens you killed in that wave, how much your weapon overheat indicator is full and how much are you moving.

Breed added 17-1-2021
The chicken is equipped with a rocket backpack and doesn’t lay eggs (passive breed).
When the chicken of hit it will turn red and the rocket will ignite.
Ignite animation lasts for 1.5 seconds, after that time the chicken will move to your location (like terminators) but won’t stop (it can go out of screen and cost you peeking in order bonus).
What makes this chicken really dangerous is the fact that every hit taken while the rocket is ignited will speed up its charge, making it a risk to face if you can’t kill it in time.

Outdated concepts due to game updates

A chicken that holds a drawing of a barrier.
Same hp as a barrier, same behavour as a normal chicken.
The drawing changes according to how strong the barrier is (it will portray the barrier he replaces)
It replaces a random barrier in the wave.
Can’t appear in waves with unkillable barriers (Otherwise it will be unkillable)
Outdated due to a large number of unkillable barriers in most waves nowadays

2)Henperial pilot
This chicken pilots an E.G.G.
While in the E.G.G he shoots 3 eggs in the “traditional” way.
Note: At harder difficulties eggs will be replaced with proximity eggs.
When the E.G.G is destroyed he will behave like a normal pilot cicken.
One of the Henperor’s bodyguard breeds
Discarted due to it being too anonymous

3)Henperial guard (OG concept)
A tanky chicken that lay 3 eggs at once directly at the bottom of the screen!
One of the Henperor’s bodyguard breeds
Scrapped concept



The butterfly effect: A guy eats a bat in China, So I spend 2 weeks of my life creating 30 chickens for a videogame…
Definitely worth it!

Thanks to everyone who read all of this!


Why no images? Can be even in paint but it would make it much more pleasant to read.

(yeah, comics are better than books, don’t @ me)


My Favourite one. You looks like got tired while you were thinking about all that. Good job!

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I will add them, I couldn’t do that first.

Is just a logistic problem on my side.
My own PC broke so I am using my dad’s to play Universe.

(How can I explain to him 30 chicken images?)

I will make all of them on my phone. Few at time
And add them to the post later.


I use my mom’s, too. I will I can imagine them by myself.

I want this, slobs are boring

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I like some of them. Like boomerang, cruiser, speedy, tactical, cloner, golden, reverse, homer, henperial guard, henperial pilot, barrier have design (at least for me). While the other may worsen the high difficulty gameplay.

I have some ideas & questions for those I mentioned:

  • The boomerang should stand still for a while before coming back to not suddenly kills the player
  • Tactical, so they should be in group to work?
  • Cloner, is good but not in mass
  • Homer, 10° is relatively small. How about it can bend up to 90° if there’s player in range? (can only bend once)
  • Golden, how does it despawn? Flies off-screen?
  • Henperial Guard & Pilot, how about they could shoot combination of normal egg and proximity egg?
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Wow, theſe are all really good!
To be honeſt, I didn’t expect a poſt titled along the lines of “30 crappy chicken concepts that I came up with in as many ſeconds” to contain anything of value, but I think that any and every one of theſe would fit in really well with the game.

Yeah, good queſtion…


Would the golden chicken need to be killed for the Clean Sweep bonus?
I would alſo recommend that the golden chicken drop 3 coins as well as a key, juſt to make it a bit more valuable.

How about if they fly away in a random direction, rather than juſt vaniſhing?

Reading a few of the comments about the lack of pictures, I’d juſt like to ſay that I don’t think they’re neceſſary, as the breeds are all explained pretty well.

Yes, In grop will work better.
Look at cowards (the most similar breed): they work good alone but better in group.
Cowards force you to move, tacticals try to block the player in small areas

90° Seems too overpowered to me. Also it wouldn’t make it different enough from interceptors

Didn’t tougth about this! Simple but good

Because bombers are already hard to use and (in my opinion) have too much downsides.

Changed Golden chicken description to answer these

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Hey now that’s kind of assumptious isn’t it

i actually love that, new chicken breeds…
i want that in the next release

Oh boy, new enemies, i like it!


True, but that was my immediäte thought upon reading the title…

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You see, that’s not really the problem here, it’s that you were very quick to be condescending towards the idea. Now obviously you took the time to read it and realized it was pretty good, so the conclusion is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, really.

No hard feelings, just some advice.

I think that’s mainly because of those top 10 videos on YouTube or any top lists wherever. They aren’t known for high quality and also making 30 of something with good quality is something challenging. So I understand Traveller here.

EDIT: Woah, there are few images now. Why did you hide them?


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