📱 iOS beta


v133.3.1 of the iOS beta was submitted to Apple 24 hours ago, however it is still “awating review” :roll_eyes:


  • :bulb: v.133.3.1 (iOS only): Fixed issue with text entry being invisible (white on white) when “dark mode” was turned on.

You may wanna fix this typo.

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I purchase the license but not thing happen, I receive a notification ingame that the license is apply for my account, but I still see the ads (a big banner on top of screen), can’t fly ironman, ect. After few minutes struggling, I realize that my wallet is still the same (that means my purchase is not successful). Please check log or anything please. I just want to make sure my purchase is not double (I think I will buy it on steam).

Purchases are not supposed to work in the beta:

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So I can purchase normally on steam

Yep! You can’t expect everything to work in a beta version. It’s best you stay in steam/stand-alone version for the best experience (iOS beta is in a different version compared to the others, so you can’t play multiplayer even with full/restricted cone NAT).

Edit: I had just posted this message when it suddenly got instantly edited. Weird.

Still waiting for Apple to approve the new beta. :roll_eyes:

This certainly doesn’t bode well for the full release. I’ll probably need to submit it by Monday to make a deadline, so report your bugs now!


v133.3.1 of the iOS beta is now available on TestFlight. Changes:

  • :bulb: v.133.3 (iOS only): Text entry now uses native UITextField (like in Android). Allows proper text entry in Vietnamese and other complex IMEs.

  • :bulb: v.133.3.1 (iOS only): Fixed issue with text entry being invisible (white on white) when “dark mode” was turned on.


So I recently moved to iPhone 13 Pro to test the game for its early stage and found a bug.

Whenever you perchase something from the store, the game sound music breaks completely.

Did you mean key packs/CHL?
Edit: anyway, I tried both and nothing breaks on my end.
This could be a per-device problem.

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When I reopened game it works again, this cant be a device problem, it just stops playing the music in the background Only.

I had no problem with CIU theme (ambient) after purchasing a small key pack.
Have you successfully replicated the glitch again? If so, it is likely a device problem.

Ok, when I made another purchase, ambient CIU theme stopped playing after a re-login.

Did only the music stop? Or did the sound effects (e.g. when you press a button) stop working as well?

Never mind, got it. It’s only the music.


What’s happening with iOS beta, iA? An update or you have removed it?

I’ve removed the beta because it conflicts with purchasing on the real upcoming version.


So ciu will have a price on mobile devices?? Or the CHL will be enough?

If you’re using the same account, then your purchases will automatically sync across all devices (mobile or not). In other words, you only need one CHL.


iOS version has now been released. See here: