📱 iOS beta

The CIU iOS beta is now open. If you have an iPhone/iPad device and wish to participate, simply follow this link on your device:

[Update: The BETA is now over and the game has been released. See here: 📱 CIU for iOS released! ]

Note: You will first need to install TestFlight, if you don’t have it already. It should be straightforward if you follow the instructions in the link, but let me know if something is unclear.

Two important things to keep in mind:

  1. Please report if you see any ads in the game (and also if you DON’T see any ads*). A banner ad should appear at the top of the screen while in the galaxy, and an interstitial ad after the end of each mission (provided that at least 60 seconds have elapsed since the last one). If you DO see ads, please tap on one or two so I can ensure attribution works.

* If you are a CHL owner, then it’s normal to not see ads.

  1. Please test In-App Purchases. Everything is free for the duration of the beta: the game will go through all the stages of a normal purchase, except the purchase will not actually be added to your inventory at the very end. So feel free to test out the purchase flow and let me know if you encounter any issues.

Please report any other problems and experiences here.


My current account has CHL. However, since you’re asking to check if ads and IAPs work, do I need a separate account for this? (I hate doing technically illegal actions and “getting keys for free” seems like one, though it’s intentional in this beta)
Edit: No keys were added to my account. The process went smoothly, purchase notification showed up.

no issues so far for me, purchases went as smooth as butter.
the only problem i have is with the gesture bar which would sometimes block any input if i slide/tap my finger there, which basically renders any button that’s inside of the bar pretty frustrating to use.
also no ads so far, i’m testing on a brand new account.
also, i’ve noticed that sometimes, a huge lag spike would appear when i press the save the world button, is this normal?

You only need a guest account for ads. But I wouldn’t bother just yet, it seems like they don’t work unless the app is actually live on the store.

I was under the impression that Apple did not allow you to completely hide the bar, only temporarily if you’re not touching the screen for a couple of seconds. Do you have any other games that keep the gesture bar completely hidden at all times?

By mistake I’ve set game to load all assets in the background when if first starts up (this is similar to how PC works where you see the mouse cursor filling up). This could cause large spikes until everything is loaded. If you leave the game on the title screen for 30 seconds and then press “Save the world”, do you notice a spike?

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yup, some of the games i play hides the bar almost immediately and makes it transparent, the bar won’t appear again unless i swipe up, although tapping in the bar’s region is still pretty clunky, so i guess it’s an unavoidable feature?

nope, apparently it only happens if i restart the game and press save the world immediately when it loads.
edit: this button doesn’t work, intentional?

Some apps allow the gesture bar to go into “double swipe” mode (the bar goes slightly transparent and requires swiping up twice to actually exit the app) if not touched for a while. iOS has an accessibility feature called Guided Access, which locks the user in one app and completely hides the bar but it seems not to work in iOS 16.

btw cursed non-brand Apple icon
why is this a thing?

looks like apple fixed their hole


Purchase works well, no ads as you said (tested with no CHL account). But the ‘Forum’ button doesn’t work (I can’t be directed to website). Resolution doesn’t fit. Hopefully it can be fixed in next update.
That’s what I can show you in the first look. It works well. Here are some first images in my phone:

IAP was smooth. As a CHL-owner, I don’t see any ad. However the game screen wasn’t fit and fill the entire screen.

Anyway, can you add button alignment assistance for those with OCD lul?

Because I believe you are not allowed to use the Apple logo without permission, and I’d rather have one less worry about the app being rejected right now. It might be changed in the future, however.

None of the URL buttons work. It’s a bug.

What Apple device do you have, specifically?

What Apple device do you have, specifically?


An iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 15.5

Mine is iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 16.3.1 (20D67). The mid-ranged iPhones usually have the dimension ratio of 16 : 9 (like mine), while the latest are 19.5 : 9. If you want to adapt to iPad, it should be 4 : 3, and Macs are 16 : 10.

Okay, I had a closer look and it turns out that I can EITHER make it disappear after a short period of inactivity (current v.133 behaviour), OR keep it permanently visible but go darker (it’s not actually translucent, sadly) for “double-swipe” mode, but NOT BOTH. WTF, Apple? :angry:

I suppose I could move some UI elements further up, but that’s (a) ugly, (b) a sweeping change that needs to be applied to every screen, and (c) there’s always going to be a chance that the home bar lands on top of something that you need to read. :frowning:

Ok, screen issue fixed.


“double-swipe” mode handles the (c) part with ease: just swipe up slowly to lift the bar up and start reading; by not using this you just straight up lift the whole app and scale down to wherever your finger is holding on the screen

Ah, I see. Alright, I’ll change it to “double-swipe” then, because the alternative would take too much effort right now.

I might just special-case the main menu, because it just looks sloppy when the bar overwrites the text.


I just try ciu on iOS… let me say that for the first time playing CI o. A mobile device is a little harder than I expected… but fine the game works good!!!
All these steps to conect an account give me one little idea…. How about a medal for conecting an Pc account on mobile! And the name for the medal Universe Anywhere

The game updated and the issue is gone. I haven’t seen any problem since then.

I tested the purchasing system, it works. But after purchasing, going back to the game resulted in the music volume being completely mute.


v133.2 of the iOS beta is now available on TestFlight. Changes:

  • :bug: v.133.2 (iOS only): URL buttons now work.

  • :bug: v.133.2 (iOS only): App now correctly supports iPhone 7/8 16:9 resolutions (i.e., added 640x1136 launch image).

  • :bulb: v.133.2 (iOS only): Prevented equipment slots from being dragged while they’re locked (disabled) or empty. This allows user to swipe down Mission Config screen more easily.

  • :bulb: v.133.2 (iOS only): “Home indicator” is now handled via preferredScreenEdgesDeferringSystemGestures rather than prefersHomeIndicatorAutoHidden. This requires user to “double-swipe” to get back to home screen (which makes accidental use harder).

  • :gear: v.133.2 (iOS only): Replaced ad banner in galaxy screen with native nag banner.

  • :bulb: v.133.2 (iOS only): Main menu: Moved buttons upward to avoid overlap with “home indicator” bar.