📱 CIU for iOS released!

Apple has just approved CIU for iOS! :partying_face:

Well, it took three tries to get through approval, but it is now done. This is the game’s App Store page:

:warning: Due to a networking oversight, cross-platform multiplayer games are not currently available on iOS. If you are playing on iOS, then you’ll only be able to connect to other iOS-hosted games. This will be fixed in the next few days.

:information_source: There is no Easter Edition this year for the iOS version.


Congrats iA!




apple approves ciu but google play doesnt HAAH!

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Now the next target: Google Play


Would take forever to get it released on Google Play Store, however.

Even Google didn’t explain why they took down the whole games made by IA, and even banned their account for no reason whatsoever.

Not exactly forever:

We know at least it was because of ad banners overlapping content. Maybe also because of the holiday editions not being substantially different.

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steve jobs will be proud

Also have you tried releasing the other games on the App Store (CI2, 3, etc…)

there is massive fee

Congrats IA! (Late reply)

Anyway, I have a question something about Multiplayer

Firstly, my contact is playing multiplayer - as you can see at lists, player is playing Multiplayer as Window devices.

Secondly, if I’m using mobile phone, I cannot play multiplayer with Window device at least only Mobile iOS devices available to play multiplayer

So, will you update next version between Window devices (also Android devices uhh… idk it can be played with Window devices) and Mobile iOS devices gonna playing multiplayer all devices? (Indeed, this version isn’t Easter Edition)

Well… I cannot explain it so just reply for questions

As I explained above, this is a known issue. It will be fixed in the next update:


Well, okay. It’s gonna waiting here for testing multiplayer next time, thanks a lot!

On iPhone with gesture, some parts are covered by gesture pill, for example, the mission preparation screen, the gesture pill covers the skills box, and always disconnect when just switching to another app

Btw a great release, I’ve been waiting for this for over 3 years

I don’t know how to fix this cleanly. Apple doesn’t allow hiding the “home indicator” (the “pill”).

The server will always disconnect you after 30 seconds. This is a practical limitation – supporting transparent disconnections/reconnections at any arbitrary point in the game would be a development nightmare.