Ideas Part 1:Shops

So,one major sticking point for me in CIU is that while the gameplay is amazing,it is incredibly easy to get bored.Theres no uncertainty outside of missions,no variability,etc.,etc.

So,here are my ideas for greatly improving the gameplay outside of missions.I’m not saying that the in game weapons don’t need to be balanced,I’m saying,the outside of mission gameplay needs massive work.Because there’s a huge galaxy out there,and its theoretically possible to make huge progress in game while sitting in one place.

So what do I think is the biggest reason that doesn’t make exploring as exciting as it should be?

Every purchaseable item being available in the Galactic Store.

Now,from previous topics where this was discussed,a lot of people seem to be against things from being removed or nerfed in the game.

There are things in the game that people should have a lot of experience to be able to access.So the logical thing to do is just make the prices high,if everything is available to everyone at a common market,always.

That’s actually effective,but that won’t be effective for long.With the amount of content coming in these few weeks,we’ll soon be looking at weapons costing 1k keys(or worse).

I think,that we have to reduce the Galactic Store down to bare-bones,really common essentials such as Fuel, Perishables,and Special Weapons.The rest,should be found in regional stores.It isn’t much of a motivation to move,and soon it will be worn out,and I think additional content has to be added to Shops to make them more interesting, but it’s a start.

I think if items have a rare chance of being found,then prices can comfortably lowered while still requiring experience to get them.

There can be a new icon in the Profile Menu called “Stores near you”(powered by Oracles Corp.) that displays the store name,system name,fuel required to travel to that system,etc. in your constellation.

Like this:
Heroware Medusa Outlet 381 fuel.

Clicking on it allows you to view the deals offered by that store,but you still need to travel to that outlet to make a purchase.

You can’t view Rare and Legendary item deals from the menu,you have to go to the outlet to see them.

What do you think?

  • Is good
  • Is bad(list problem below)
  • Don’t care
  • I have a conflicted opinion

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Welp,putting “Don’t care” as an option was a big mistake

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Yeah. It’s one of two things that are keeping players from needing to fly: all-in-one shop, challenges. With these things you can stay on one planet forever.

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Yep dude,we’ve been in this club for a long time.
I also have a fix for challenges in the next topic.

Well then may the luck be with you because it won’t be easy.

(Colosseum station (+ little rant about mails))


Just to clarify my vote - I agree that space travel needs to be made more important, but I disagree that removing items from the Galactic Store is the way to go. Rather I feel that, among other things, Rare items should be re-balanced so that they are both more viable to hunt (maybe a rare item insight so you can see what is where???) and more beneficial to use (currently it’s a tiny tiny perk). But I don’t like the idea of restricting player access to various base items.

So let’s just have the most needed items in the galactic shop - lives and fuel (maybe even missiles since they are considered essential by many to even play SSH. Git gud all of you.). And also bigger prices for them so player at least considers traveling to the shop.


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