Ideas: Weapon Mastery (shortest version)

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Since a lot of immediate and advanced players drop the game after grinding for 1-2 months and trust me, I was one of them, then why not encourage them playing the game by letting them choose their favorite weapon and grind for a weapon mastery that they want. Not only they will want to get an upgrade for their favorite weapons, but also they will stick with the game for longer. Here is the deal:
-We make an introduction on using only the weapon they want to a new player at tier no.0 to inform them
-At a certain tier, say, tier no.25 (&) they unlock this feature
-They can register the mastery they want, all weapon will be grind at the same time
-Once chosen, a progress bar will be shown below the scoreboard to let them know how much they have completed


-There are 20 marks, the previous one takes less time to complete than the next (&)
-After completing a mark, they will be rewarded with keys or spacecraft on certain marks (&)
-To complete a mastery, they can choose a quest that they want (&) and I suggest 3 main quest (&) :
+Killing a certain amount of enemies (^)
+Collecting a certain amount of food while holding the weapon
+Dealing a certain amount of damage (^)
-If they completed all quest, a medal and an upgrade will be rewarded
-An upgrade increases starting firepower capacity (&)
-If all mastery have been completed successfully and legitimately then another medal will be rewarded

Note: (&) means I.A might change, (^) means it is depends on the weapon


  • It’s BRILLIANT (9-10 out of 10)
  • It’s fairly GOOD (7-8 out of 10)
  • It’s over AVERAGE (5-6 out of 10)
  • It’s not a GREAT idea (3-4 out of 10)
  • It’s not SUITABLE for the game (0-1 out of 10)

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I think the goal is great. It seems I.A also tries to encourage usage of different weapons with “Weapons training” missions and “Weapon virtuosity” bonus. It’s really look promising with some higher reward.

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I think IA can do better than me so I cannot wait till this feature come out

this is actually great, tho i don’t like the stat increase since it might make the game become unbalance, especially when old player create a new account for various reason

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Um… what do you mean by creating new acc?
Can you explain?

IA wanted all of the weapons to be balanced and having 1 being stronger with the mastery ruins the whole purpose of that

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Again, I did say that I.A may change so it is up to them

IA want to encourage us to use as many type of weapon as possible and you are basically suggesting something that make a user stuck to 1 weapon

OK. Let’s agree to disagree.
Anyway, where do you get the information that I.A wants player to use various weapon?

from all the various weapon balances, IA clearly wants some weapons to be useful in some way

yes, more weapons is recommended, players shouldnt be stuck or prefer using a weapon, as it might not work

As an advanced player, I have played everything in the game and it is pretty boring so I need new content, please understand.
About the damage increase and unlocking feature, I take those out and leave the starting capacity there
About the concept, you can now choose multiple weapons
Thank you for letting me know

Тhere is nothing to limit you from using just one weapon. Only a few bonus points stimulate the use of different weapons. Just as mastering a weapon is followed by various rewards. It is up to you to pursue them.

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Does this mean you can upgrade a weapon more than 8 times, or is it like a free upgrade?

That would be a good idea if A.I wants to stimulate mastering the weapons. On my opinion 9th upgrade should be the reward for mastering all weapons.

It increases the capacity only meaning if you upgrade it to lvl 8, you still need to spend keys to upgrade to lvl 10
But the player will be sent with a limited time bundle to upgrade them for a lower price so I mean they will know about this in the intro so it should be fine

I think lvl 10 cap is better because it is more rewarding for the player, plus it is a nice number to start with too
Maybe I will come up with some kind of modding tool to test out how balanced is it

If this comes with no drawback, then I dunno about that.
By the way,

You’re basically saying “Players are tired of grinding, so here’s something else to grind for”.

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It is because after doing just about everything in the game, every one will lose interest and find something else to play so to let them have new content and rewards will make them stick with this game

but stat change, again make this a 1 step closer to become free fire
i would say, give keys and that’s it