New Weapon: X-ray Webshooter


Since the only Electric type weapon is Lightning Frier unlike other types which have 2-3 weapons each and Lightning Frier is ONLY fairly good after the buff so I suggest an Electric type weapon that has its own unique feature and creating its and others’ weapon mastery which I came up with here:

Weapon mastery

Description: “Are you trying be an interdimensional, ultimate, electrical version of Spider-man while obliterating massive amount of those pesky chickens at the same time without breaking a sweat? Then look no further than this handy-dandy X-ray Webshooter! With customize charges, you can definitely fry the chicken faster than the speed of light whether it is a big bad boss or a flock of chicks, leaving behind a spectacular scene for aliens to watch. Try it out now for free!”. WARNING: Do not charge the weapon for too long or you will make the developer of this weapon upset!

+When shot:

+When exploded

-The spaceship will charge very, very slowly at first but faster later on and exponentially increases its damage and its area of effect to shoot from 1-3 bullets which upon contact will zap chickens in an area so depending on firepower there are 3 ways to shoot:
+Spammer: Dealing quick damage by tapping and releasing quickly to use full auto, useful for dealing with flocks of weak chickens (mainly used, beginners should use this cause it is easy for them)
+Charge for 3 seconds: Dealing a fairly good amount of damage on a wide area, useful for EPIC WAVES (rarely used, only used by advanced player cause if it doesn’t one-shot-kill, you have to charge again)
+Almost full charge in 6 seconds (please don’t overheat, trust me, I am a scientist): Dealing a ton of damage in one go in full screen, clearing out bullets (for defensive scenarios against bosses in Double Team cause right now it is really hard for immediate players to play them, so this will help them)
-Its cooldown after overheat is twice as long as that of a normal weapon so be careful but its cooldown before overheat is twice as short as that of a normal weapon
-Upon detonate, it will make the chicken zapped, showing their bones in black and white

-Can defend against almost everything
-Fairly good DPS when full auto (almost like Photon Swarm but with a little bit lower firerate)
-Perfect for all three types of players
-Takes time to get used to charging so learn spamming at first is suggested
-Once overheat, it makes player vulnerable

I hope this new weapon can make a variable playstyle for CIU, which has a straightforward playstyle for all players (no I am not talking about Absolver Beam which makes the player have to adapt cause it is not commonly used at all)


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Quite simillar to absolver beam since it is a charge type weapon, the design is very nice. Gave enough details for interaction to take note on and maybe add the weapon

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I just want the game to have more strategy involving choosing the weapon so I made this post

hmm, what will happen if it is overheated ?

It took twice as long as that of a normal weapon to cooldown

OOF, that is pain. I would say maybe it can attack other chickens too even if they are not in the blast radius since it is a lightning typo of weapon after all

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I can edit it to be a chain weapon but it will be the same as Lightning Frier meaning unoriginal
Thanks for the opinion

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