Upgrade for some bosses (new attacks)

  1. Henperor’s Apprentice: Lightsaber

  1. Apple Core: Egg Barrier 2.0

  1. Mother-Hen Ship: Mutation… Double yolk


The light ſaber reſembles my mirrored boſs in effect.

What’s really ſad is the fact that that idea only got 1 like, from IA.

I think the one should get barrier level 2 is the shooter one, it’s pretty fragile. And maybe rage mode after all barrier are gone.

Wait, is the lightsaber deflecting attacks?

Actually, yes…

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2 of them are suggested by me in some inexplicable way, but still:

I also created a boss who is like the Yolk Star with 2 yolks, red and orange.
Its still similar to your, but more strong!

Sorry about the stupid cutscene drawning bad text.
The interesting thing about the first idea is the same date we suggest this with Traveller.
And no i am not a stealer, it was on my mind a long time ago and i think that i saw the topic after i messaged IA wich is strange. Idk, maybe im wrong. I cant remember the еxact time that Traveller suggest this.


so is its a yolk star v2


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1.I feel like this just makes the fight longer since you cant attack it.
2.Same but more HP (Though a different graphic for the core would be nice)

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Tbh,I kinda wish the barriers during apple core’s fight would be upgraded to level 4 instead of getting upgraded to egg barriers


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