Idea about play both side

Anyone playing a daily wants those extra points.


I think that would cause problems with enemies that get repelled by you and/or your shots, because they would end up inside the barriers (and hence unable to be damaged)


Well then, can they have regular health?


What about Do Not Cross? There’s only one barrier and it always stays away from the enemies.
Lethal Connections should also be possible without issues, I think.


I don’t think I ever encountered such thing on Vending Machine. The only thing I can think of that can be problematic are cowards, but they could simply be disabled for this wave. (Or reworked in some way that would make them stay in formation from time to time…)

If not that, at least give those barriers normal health, because this wave right now is one of the worst things that can happen to person playing challenges.


Don’t they all eventuälly return to their original poſition? At higher difficulties I never wait around to deſtroy the barriërs but I haven’t had a problem with enemies beïng unreachable yet.

Why is this? Maybe some waves are harder than others, but provided everyone has to go through them, it’s still fair.


Well that’s the problem, everybody has to go through straight up 5-10 minutes of mindlessly shooting the super heavy barriers, and accidentally killing the last chicken and missing a barrier or two because of running a wide weapon like forks or ions can be pretty frustrating as all the time and energy spent of shooting the barriers has gone to waste because anyone who did clear them all will be 25k base ahead for each barrier. It’s just a super long wave of nothingness that is fully required to reach a high position in the competitive mission.


Ah, I mistakenly thought you were talking about “Play both sides”, but you’re talking about “Vending machine”.

Yeah, we could make them indestructible. I’ll also disable cowards just to be safe.

Changed in v.51 :medal_sports: Idea



The fact that we have to disable cowards on, like, a significant portion of the waves now suggests that maybe they need a redesign. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are 170 wave types in total (not including variations). Waves where Cowards are exclusively disabled are:

  • Yolk-Star, Terminator chickens : because they make awful terminators
  • Play both sides, Vending machine: because they might end up inside the barriers
  • Single digits, Tangled mess: because they mess up the pattern
  • The strongest link, Energy fences: because they leave their post

So, all in all, not as bad as one might think.


How do assassins, beserks, and… the other bandana ones (:joy:) get around this? Don’t they leave their post too?


Not initially. At least they stand their ground until damaged. Cowards flee the scene before a single shot is fired :wink:


Hm, perhaps Cowards need a rework?

Like, make them only start moving away after the first shot is fired by the hero?

(I believe there’s a separate topic for this.)


I never found this wave hard or difficult to deal with.
I see no problem with it now and I think it’s a good wave.

In the Chicken Invaders francise, chickens have been seen using technology, so changing their texture to fit a more “chicken” theme doesn’t make much sense either. They’ve been seen using barries quite a few times, so it’s not unfitting.

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You meant this topic? Enemy Rework Program : Coward Chicken

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I forgot to mention it but with that change I proposed, it would solve the problems IA listed since they will stay at position until provoked. Enemy Rework Program : Coward Chicken

I guess if it’s implemented, cowards could be re-added to these waves IA said.


Changed in v.51 :medal_sports:


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