Idea about play both side

my idea is replace these indestructible barriers with egg barriers, which cannot also be destroyed and this in very hard mission

if this idea suggested give me the link and thanks

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You don’t really really really have to write this part everytime you post an idea. the forum rules even say “don’t just say already suggested, link also the original idea.”, link to ToS

If someone posts an idea that has been suggested before, instead of simply replying “suggested”, also provide a link to the original idea whenever possible.

No, that link is to a ſuggeſtion to replace barriers with 10× health with indeſtructible barriers, whereäs this topic is about the poſſibility of replacing the indeſtructible barriers in Play Both Sides with indeſtructible egg barriers on harder miſſions.

As for this concept, really the only difference would be a bigger hitbox.

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Well, you’re right, but I am not sure if IA would do this, since they will be indestructible, no matter what kind of barriers would be put.

i don’t understand

I mean you don’t have to say this everytime:

look even if I stop saying this an if my idea suggested some will accuse me of stealing and whatever you try i will not try to read toS

The indestructible barriers are obligatory in this wave – they’re there to force you to change sides.


i wanted to replace these indestructible barriers with egg barriers

Um, did you read this part?:


He doesn’t want to make them destructible. I’m not sure what’s the point of that replacement though.


Can we have indestructible barriers in some other waves like Chicken Vending Machine, instead of just having them be super-tough?

I think it would make them more fun to play.


It wouldn’t change anything. I don’t know a single person who would try to destroy them for more than 10 seconds, except for knowledge purposes.


Anyone playing a daily wants those extra points.


I think that would cause problems with enemies that get repelled by you and/or your shots, because they would end up inside the barriers (and hence unable to be damaged)


Well then, can they have regular health?


What about Do Not Cross? There’s only one barrier and it always stays away from the enemies.
Lethal Connections should also be possible without issues, I think.


I don’t think I ever encountered such thing on Vending Machine. The only thing I can think of that can be problematic are cowards, but they could simply be disabled for this wave. (Or reworked in some way that would make them stay in formation from time to time…)

If not that, at least give those barriers normal health, because this wave right now is one of the worst things that can happen to person playing challenges.

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Don’t they all eventuälly return to their original poſition? At higher difficulties I never wait around to deſtroy the barriërs but I haven’t had a problem with enemies beïng unreachable yet.

Why is this? Maybe some waves are harder than others, but provided everyone has to go through them, it’s still fair.