Hitbox Indicator / HUD hitbox Indicator

This is something both me and @Francis had in mind recently: a way to view your ship’s hitbox or your enemies’.

First Suggestion

  • This can be enabled in the options menu, preferably in the advanced graphic settings. When enabled, every (if not most) object that has a hitbox will show a circle/crossbar indicating it.

Second Suggestion

  • As a purchasable item in the Galactic Market/Aftermarket, the HUD Hitbox Indicator. This is the proposed icon for that item:
    sample icon
  • This equippable item will show your ship’s, the enemy’s and their bullet’s hitbox. This will show whenever you fire, an enemy was hit or get closer to enemy bullets. This works as similar to the lighting area in darkness missions.

happy eggular repulsor noises


it might cost 5000 keys because this is like cheating

If it’s part of the game that means that it’s not a cheat. Also the price should be low


As a trade-off, it can distract your view. Once you know (and remember) their hitboxes you won’t actually be needing this.

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ok, factor

Technically speaking, this is doable. However, my view is that it exposes what should strictly be an internal implementation mechanic. It therefore has no basis in the CI lore and ruins immersion.

Also, if it ever makes it into the game, it will be a purchasable or a training aid – it’s definitely not going to be a graphics option.


Actually, I would like pointing out that before the spaceship comes into the screen, you can see the hitbox for a brief instant. This only appears on bombers and doesn’t appear on H&C’s.

On the topic of Bombers, the “Max Power” notification still appears at firepower 20 … technically it should appear at 24, right?

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It’s done to balance the 100k bonus between spacecraft, mostly regarding competitive missions (30 firepower is really hard to get on dailies when compared to 20)

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That’s not the hitbox – it’s a marker that shows your mouse pointer whenever your spacecraft lags behind significantly. If you move your mouse quickly, then it appears all the time.


Ah, right. Thanks for the clarification.


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