Harder Bosses on Higher Difficulty Levels v2

It’s version 2 because of a post I made in the past:

Anyway, some of the bosses… Even though they have already been made more difficult on higher difficulties, some of them are still not very impressive when it comes to attacks. Here’s my suggestions for what to change or add to make them more difficult for difficulties above >80-100%.

UCO #4: Replace the egg cannons with purple egg cannons. This will have players move quicker to avoid the purple eggs.

Yolk-Star: Release a 4th wave of Terminators upon destruction of the egg shell, and/or make two yolks appear instead of one upon destruction of the egg shell.

Crazy Squawker: Let it have the Sweater Chicken’s egg burst as well, because the boss only drops eggs beneath itself, which doesn’t pose much of a threat unless you purposely stand below it all the time.

Superchick: Let it use it’s Rotating Laser from Chicken Multiplicity and the red fiery attack at the same time on higher difficulties. This attack has the telegraph from Chicken Multiplicity.
Applies to both Chicken Multiplicity and It’s a Bird. It should also drop it’s eggs if you go beneath him.

Shoot The Core: Reduce the Firepower drop rate. Perhaps make the barriers shoot more often, or make them shoot more bullets at a time instead of just 1.

Egg Cannon: The orange lasers should not be limited to only occur at 80%. Have it start firing at 20% instead, along with the triple beams. At 80%, have the orange lasers fire constantly, or have it fire all 5 attacks simultaneously… Or have it fire two different attacks at once.

Party Chicken: Have it fire it’s 360 attack randomly as well. This attack will use the warning it has when the Party Chicken stops moving to use it. Applies to both It’s Party Time and Brothers Reunited.

Henterprise: Make it fire it’s giant laser as long as you get into it’s line of sight, instead of only during the start of each phase (and getting close to the main dish during the last phase of Hend Game). At least it would make better use of the laser instead of having it be idle during the entire fight.

Henlley’s Comet: Have the comets split into 8-12 bullets (like Blast From the Past’s attack) upon destruction. This will give the player a reason to avoid destroying the comets that appear from the bottom of the screen.

I do hope these ideas will be taken into consideration.
Have a Good Day/Afternoon/Night.


These appear in >85% difficult?

Yep, they will. Let me add that to the post…

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I think this is fine, but the patterns that own bosses themselves have instead of adding or reusing attacks from other bosses

Eh, having to come up with new attacks for bosses might be difficult though. Not to mention the amount of programming that might be needed.

I do have ideas on how to make them harder that does not involve reusing older stuff…

Here you add an extra attack to a boss, that for me takes away the grace or originality of the attack since it would be the same but a changed pattern.

It’s supposed to be Harder, not 100% original.

Yes, but with the pattern you already have, do not add another one from another boss.

I’ll just leave it as it is. I don’t want to make iA program brand new attacks, which can take some time.

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That is my only problem, with apple core and Crazy Squawker I give you all the reason.

Oh boy, Bullet hell time

Touhou time!

Purple eggs? Is this, like, the egg-shaped laser, or actual purple eggs? Because actual purple eggs is a bit weird…

All for more terminators, but a second Yolk is kind of weird because the full Yolk-Star™ only has one. (Then again, it also only has five lasers, but that’s another topic…)

I’m ok with that, although if you go into this fight without enough FP you’re basically toast anyway.

These all sound fine to me, the changes reflect the bosses original design style while making it more difficult.
However, I must wonder if having both the rotating beams and the red/blue energy would look messy visually.

I also like the idea of it dropping eggs whenever you’re beneath it.

The absurd amount of firepower is kind of fun tbh. I don’t want the barriers shooting multiple bullets, but an increased firerate might be good.

I still think it should just spawn tougher chickens during the chicken wave attack (same for Henterprise, too)

As long as it’s infrequent and unpredictable, sure.

Maybe just during the final phase, to sort of catch people off-guard…

I’d prefer actual comet fragments, but the concept is nice.

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Psst, it already does that when you get close to the main dish.

The former.

But that’s not very interesting… They’re tanky enough as it is, really.

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In that case maybe it needs to be touchier bc I have never had it do that, lol

Maybe not… but neither is just making it shoot orange lasers constantly. I feel like introducing a bunch of new attack types to watch out for without changing the core attack patterns is a bit of a win-win to me. Plus it gives more variety each time it does it (perhaps it randomly shuffles what sort of chickens it will spew out)

I was only talking about superchick, about the rest it seemed moderately possible even though there are attacks that require some programming but they may be possible, but I keep superchick and the reuse of attacks from other bosses since it takes away their originality.

Eh, it’s just to make the not-so-deadly attacks a bit more of a threat. The lasers only firing during the last phase is not very dangerous considering there’s nothing else accompanying them except for the egg.

If the phases are faster then it will overlap with more other attacks. Reducing the speed of the actual beams slightly would have a similar effect (as long as it’s not overdone)

What about the two red lasers? Those things will limit the player’s movement.

If two yolks is inside of the shell, should it have 7+ lasers too?

Yeah it should be buffed, it’s too weak right now

Or buff the health of barriers and the apple core it self

This buff will make the Egg Cannon harder and more fun to fight

Okay, so when we get close to the satellite dish, it fires the big laser automatically?

What about bombers which have a large hitbox and slowspeed?


How long do they take to disappear? :slightly_smiling_face:

The extra lasers will probably exist when Universal Grandmaster becomes a thing.

Actually, this only happens during the last phase currently. This should be a thing for the entire fight, and not limited to only the last phase. At least it would make better use of the laser, instead of make it a waste.

Live with it. :stuck_out_tongue: