Harder Bosses on Higher Difficulty Levels v2

A few seconds?

(yes gimme that) 7 lasers seems boring to me.


Actually, about 2 seconds.

I agree.

Want me us to crack my our knuckles and focus on the ship when start fighting a boss huh?

Get good then :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a legendary or something for v.41

When will military chicken gets a buff

h&c + legendary + 3 eggular repulsors

Simple replies…

Someone suggested that, but I cant find the Topic, anyway, is a very good idea

The best idea, if this was added, finally i will found more enemys like a chickenaut or eggships.

What if he can move every where?that’s can do what be more harder

The attacks of superchick are a prank, need one thing more powerful

The firepower can be dropped thx the offensive pads, is more probably what the básico pads drop each 1 minute

Srry, but that’s dont sound good

If the Infinity chicks have this attack, why the part y chicken not?

I prefer what be harder like 10.1

What if when you kill a comets, some debris of the comet fall into the player?

Thing is, The Squawk Block waves implicitly time limit the player. That’s why the erratic movement can’t work, even though it would be good.

Either debris or Blast from the Past bullets.


Add v10.1 speed into it :smiley:

Regarding U.C.O.s, over a year ago I started working on a rebalance proposal, which I never posted for whatever reason.

I’ve been playing some boss rushes recently, and I’ve some things to add.

  • First, U.C.O. A has a pattern that is way too easy for harder missions, and it’s also way too slow.
  • U.C.O. B has the issue that it’s just not dangerous at all. Only the first volley of eggs is fired directly at the player. This means that you can just bait it to fire the first volley to the side, and stay under it for the remaining duration of the attack. It should probably be tweaked so that every 2nd or 3rd volley is targeted directly at the player.

In my opinion, all U.C.O.s should be able to appear at any difficulty, and should be more or less equally capable of dispatching the player. So here’s those old pattern changes I came up with a year ago (based on mission difficulty):

U.C.O. A

≤10 (Red - Green - Red) (CI3 post-nerf pattern)
≤30 (Red+Green - Red+Green)
≤70 (Red+Green - Green - Red+Green) (CI3 original pattern)
≤100 (Red+Green - Green - Red+Green - Green)
>100 (Red+Green - Green - Red+Green - Green - Red+Green)

U.C.O. B

≤10 (Egg x2)
≤30 (Egg x3) (CI3 post-nerf pattern)
≤70 (Egg x4) (CI3 original pattern)
≤100 (Egg x5)
>100 (Egg x6)

U.C.O. C

≤20 (Purple - Red)
≤40 (Purple - Purple+Red) (CI3 post-nerf pattern)
≤80 (Purple - Purple+Red - Purple) (CI3 original pattern)
≤120 (Purple - Purple+Red - Purple x2)
>120 (Purple - Purple+Red - Purple - Purple+Red - Purple)

U.C.O. D

≤10 (Green+Red+EggX4)
≤30 (Green+Red+EggX6)
≤70 (Green+Red+EggX8) (CI3 pattern)
≤100 (GreenX2+Red+EggX8)
>100 (GreenX2+Red+EggX10)


Are you absolutely sure? I just fought Hend Game on an elite mission, SSH difficulty, and I couldn’t get it to re-fire the laser if I was begging it to. Was dancing around as close to the dish as I could get and it just didn’t care.

You have to be super close to the dish. I almost die because of that

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You have to be right up front with it. Not a mile away.

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See, I think that means it’s not sensitive enough. Should do it, like, whenever you’re in the line of fire.

I would have needed to be literally in the dish to get any closer.

Isn’t that what I was trying to suggest

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Yes, I’m agreeing. :wink:

And if it fires, move quickly okay?

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