Harder Bosses on Higher Difficulty Levels

(Remember, these are just Ideas.)

It’s no secret that the bosses in the game are easier than the other waves themselves, and they all have the same patterns, despite the mission’s difficulty level.

The bosses should have more projectiles/higher Rate of fire/higher Projectile speed on higher difficulties. Maybe duplicates of the same boss on the same wave too?

Superchicken should have his Quad-Laser when you fight him individually. (“Is it a bird? Is it a plane?”) He should also fire more projectiles that go in random directions. (Like 30-50 bullets.)

The Space Crabs should have faster throwing and Lasers.

The U.C.Os should fire more eggs and lasers, perhaps faster projectiles will work too?

The CI4 Mother-Hen Ship should fire spreaded-out bullets, depending on how high the difficulty is. (Like 5 bullets on Difficulty Level 5.)

The Iron Chef could throw his ingredients at a faster rate, and fire his Charged attack 2-3 times.

The CI3 Mother-Hen Ship (Blast from the Past) could fire bullets at a faster rate.

The Veteran (Special Forces) should throw more grenades on higher difficulties (10 for Difficulty Level 6 for example.) He should also throw his knives randomly, instead of after the grenades.

The Party Chicken could fire his projectiles at a faster rate.

The Henterprise can fire the Giant Laser as they release Feathers, or when firing blue projectiles. Maybe increase the fire rate of the blue projectiles?

Darth Chicken should probably mess up the ship direction more often, maybe let him have more lasers? (7 on difficulty 8?)

The Yolk-Star should fire it’s lasers at a faster speed.

Chicken Multiplicity should have more Superchickens, or they split into more than 2 on higher difficulties.

(That’s all I can think of for now. Maybe some people will have different ideas for harder bosses?)

“More clones on “Show Em Who’s Boss” on higher difficulties, up to 8 clones at once.” - xdtruedame

“Egg Cannon needs more Health and the Eggs that are fired need to be Tougher.” - Thuongyc


The Big Chicken clone increase to 8 on max difficulties

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when henterprise shoots the laser, it should be inviolable as if it was changing direction
The egg cannon needs to double the hp and the egg it fires should have a harder shell

I’m not sure I understand what you mean for the Henterprise.

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while it shoots big laser, the attacks on it will not cause damage (I use google translation: D)

IMO the Red Beam(the big laser) should kill you when you touch the sides on the beam when you cant die(everyone know it). @InterAction_studios Can you do it for the next update?

The invulnerability seems unnecessary though, all it does is drag the battle out, to be honest.

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Both Egg Cannon and Henterprise need a big buff. Look at how difficult the Yolk Star is! That’s how hard those other final bosses should be

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True that. Egg Cannon and The Henterprise are a joke compared to the Yolk-Star indeed.


Every boss in ci4/5 is a joke compared to ci3


Somehow, mother henship from blast from the past really piss me off

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oh and the Space crab V2.0’s mini sun should explode into smaller sun in higher difficulty

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I use 1 dimensional phase out to kill it. Also when the metal egg comes out, i was just ok i will kill it like in ussual and then i just died instantly(it shoots very fast :smiley:). These changes are really good.