Hacking keys with Cheat Engine but the connection is Lost

Why the Internet connection is closed when I hack the keys with the cheat engine

The system has detected that you cheat. At best, you will be automatically logged out. At worst, Interaction Studios has caught you cheating and your progress will be reset.

Why do you need to hack keys? I played a lot of free-to-play games and CIU anticheat system works almost perfect.

…Almoſt? Dare I ask?

I have seen a guy hacking server in Nulled cracking website to earn free keys in CUI.

Nothing can be perfect.

Oh look, there’s a cheater in the server! Better not cheat again OR ELSE…

I will call some of my friends from the Nulled website and tell them that InterAction Studios is challenging us that their server can’t be hacked. Might they will show some interest here.

Did you even read this


hey whatever you replied to me , i didn’t seen as you deleted that. so what was the reply??

Well, i did say ‘Don’t hack’. Nuff said. Just, don’t hack, okay? Otherwise iA’s gonna reset your progress.

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That only happens if you don’t tell IA about it.

I didn’t even tell iA

Try to hack this game more and more in the early access so that IA can fix it before the official release. Good Luck. :crazy_face:

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IA doeſn’t care about whether you can cheat, as long as the game detects it; cheaters will ſimply be booted.

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I can’t cheat again


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Hi All the gamers I can’t cheat again I repeat I can’t cheat again Don’t reset my progress please

You deserve it.