⚠ Cheating and off-topic policy update

Alright, recruits, pay attention:

  1. Do not create posts that could be misconstrued as being official (whether off-topic or not). Do not impersonate posts by InterAction studios. Do not “as a joke” create bug reports about imaginary issues. Generally, do not post false or inaccurate information that could mislead a new forum visitor about the state of the game (e.g., presenting tentative plans as certain, or future features as already implemented).

  2. A clarification on the cheating policy (see Exploit & cheating policy). This policy is still valid: you can cheat during Early Access, and you won’t be banned. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be allowed to keep the cheated keys or anything else you gained by cheating. If we discover your cheating at a later date, but it’s too late to separate the consequences from your legitimate progress, then your progress may be reset entirely. That’s (one of the reasons) why it’s important to let us know if you discover a working cheat – so we can immediately undo its effects with minimal impact to your legitimate career.


I don’t know i got keys or not, but just in case i will warn, I used one time Cheat Engine for getting 100 keys
[It’s cheat or not] i used Cheat Engine for Text Swap (as EmeraldPlay)

  1. I almost did that :grinning: 2 days ago.

We made iA reeeeeaally aaaaangry.

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Nope it’s Only you.
We’re all innocent. :slightly_smiling_face:

No we didn’t break any rules, you keep impersonating interActions studios with your topics… who created fake early access update with fake patch notes?

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It wasn’t me.
If you don’t believe Go n ask IA.

And you dare to lie even in front of rich and powerful EA?! (And iA)

It was mr. big chicken #214748363


That’s right.

@Electronic_Arts I told you it wasn’t me.

Not related, but here’s another game that bans players who cheat, even in their Early Access: - YouTube

That’s just one of the best games ever made. :zipper_mouth_face: