Green Ion Blaster

Could We add Green Ion Blaster as a main weapon for anniversary mission? (yes a skin of ion blaster)
or make it a EVEN WEAKER VERSION OF ION BLASTER, wich means will be one of the worst weapons ingame, also make the bullet work like in Ci1
(just like moron railbun, a weakest version of boron)
or just make it a newcomers weapon too (yes like boron)

It’s pointless when we already have moron as a beginner weapon, people with it would just try to switch to some other weapon as soon as possible


Well then just make the player have to select one of the 2 weapons to play with. (a spread weapon or a… fast shoots weapon? idk how to call it) :v

Sounds rubbish tbh.

A few people (myself included) already suggested adding it as an alternative version (hardpoint or otherwise).


oh ok :ok_hand:

Yeah. As you know already it was suggested, but still it would be very nice to have weapons skins added. I mean the best would be to have the weapons fully customizable like for example changing neutron gun to every color that you can imagine and others. But if it’s only weapon skins that you can buy then it would be best if they are not available in galactic shop and are rare in local shop. So this way they can become the next incentive to explore galaxy. And this way you could have: knives utensil poker, old school ion blaster, pasta riffle, Egg Shotgun etc…


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