Gifting spaceships

No idea if this has been suggested before, but I certainly haven’t heard of it.

We can gift real-life purchases to people, like CHL. Why not implement the ability to gift spaceships?

Plenty of people clearly enjoy painting spaceships, according to the “Post Your Spaceship” topic. It could be fun to share some of those designs with other players.

I think you’d have to censor/reset the name to the default or “username’s gift” or similar to avoid the feature being abused, but apart from that I can see no issue with this. It’d be a fun feature, it wouldn’t unbalance the game to much, and as long as it’s not too technically complex… why not?


Very nice idea, although it should not be a paid gift, not like the CHL and keys

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And sharing spaceships is a nice thing to do, since not all players can afford to buy their desired spaceship fleet

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share this cuz yes

Yeah, you would just select the spaceship from your fleet and gift. You’d have to buy it yourself first before you can give it to someone, of course, but you’d buy it with keys, not real money.

Eh, that’s also cool, but not quite what I had in mind? I’m not talking about renting out equipment - just gifting away spaceships specifically (since those can be customized). The recipient would just get the ship - not an entire high-tier loadout. But it wouldn’t be like “renting” either - you’d get to keep your gift.

sound familliar

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Idk, that’s still not really what I mean. You’re customizing a spaceship and giving it to someone, not just sharing a universal code that makes it easy to replicate.

That said, if paintcodes did become a thing this feature would be kind of redundant. But they’re not the same.


tell someone that i want a :gem::gem::gem: ship

Gifting a whole spaceship seems kinda OP, and with your reasoning being wanting to share designs, I agree with some of the replies here about a paint code or sharing your spacecraft’s design, but not the whole spacecraft itself.
I can see this being abused already.

I don’t see how it’s any different to gifting keys, or a CHL. That gives a way more tangible advantage than just a spaceship.

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