Spacecraft Renting

“Herowares collaborated with the galactic store to host some slots for recruits to share their spacecrafts for some time with each other. This way new recruits could improve their hunting skills without the limit of their low quality equipments…with a fee of course.”

Renting is a new market stuff thing that allows you and others to “share” their spacecrafts and it’s installments with each other for a limited time with the price of some keys. This way you can enjoy others’ spacecraft quality and/or it’s beauty.

Submit a spacecraft: When you go to a heroware, there is a “rent” button. The button will leads you to the page where you submit or rent a spacecraft.

In order to submit a spacecraft: your spacecraft must met these requirements: it must have a reactor, a heat sink, a thruster and a weapon (hardpoints & satellites are optional).

Once you met the requirements, you’re able to submit your spacecraft. The spacecraft will lie in your store for 7 days. After 7 days but no one rents it, it’ll automatically send back to your garage (you can do this manually too)

Note: Submitted spacecrafts could not be flagshipped or modified. Each submit will have a 3-day cooldown. Recruits can only submit 1 spacecrafts into the browser. Rented spacecrafts cannot be returned until their rent is over. And yes, you need up to at least 2 spacecrafts to submit.

Rent a spacecraft: There is a “Rent” button in your profile screen, it’ll take you to the renting place thing. Here, you can browse all spacecrafts that recruits have submitted. Of course, you can take a look (aka preview) of the spacecraft and looking at it’s equipments before you rent. Nobody likes false advertising right?

Spacecraft renting fee is calculated by the spacecraft, equipments and weapons’ quality. For ex:

  • H&C 101, weakest and common equipments, moron railgun = 30 keys per day.
  • Müller M408 Cuisiner, strongest equipments, all legendary, lv8 weapons, 4 microgun satellites = 444 keys per day.

Rented spacecrafts cannot be modified because [REDACTED], but mission configuration is intact.

Note: Recruits can only rent 1 spacecraft at a time. Renting can only from 1 day to 7 days. Renting cooldown lasts for 12 hours, cooldown to that spacecraft you’ve rented however lasts for 7 days. Rented spacecrafts cannot be customized or inspect it’s paint job. The key that the recruit pay to rent returns back to the recruit who submitted only 90% of the keys because taxes are evil.


I’ll get rich from this :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

This idea seems interesting, renting some spacecrafts for some keys and fees.

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