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First of all, i want to say thank you to the devs. I’ve been playing your games since chicken invaders 1 and they are all great. You could release this game as it is right now and i wouldn’t mind at all.

With that said, i think there are a few things that could be improved on. (Some if not all of this stuff might be already posted somewhere else, but the forum is just too big and i’m new here. Sorry)

  • the upgrades for the hear sink in particular (the others too) don’t feel like an upgrade at all. I still overheat pretty fast.
  • the engine upgrades could maybe grant a small maneuverability bonus.
  • the unoriginality penalty i feel should not activate if you fail the mission. I almost never revisit a star system after completing most missions there. I know there is a Save for Later option, but i just don’t feel like replaying the same mission just to get a higher score (i only ever replay to complete them). Maybe if there was some bonus for getting the highest score…(there might be, i don’t know). I love the diversity of missions in the game, i’m not sure i would replay the same missions anyway.
  • the Off Road License - is there a logic why a shorter route takes more fuel than the basic highway option? again, probably already discussed.
  • I really really really wish there was a multiplayer option. just 2 players flying the same mission. I got my girlfriend to start playing this game just because i thought the option was there with Squadrons. Sadly i then found out that there isn’t one.
  • i wish i could see the details for ships in the shop, like you can see in the Fleet screen.
  • more details for everything in the shop would be nice, not just the stuff you get when pressing the Hint button. and have them displayed by default. i find the Hint button a bit annoying.
  • the info panel on the right side, where you can filter and search for different things like Heroware and Aftermarket Station, could contain a bit more info. for example, what you can buy from each particular shop. for me, only Space Burger and Gus’s Gas were obvious. was fun exploring them for the first time, so maybe after you do find one, you get a small description added to that panel where you can see - buy ships here, buy consumables there.

Again, great game! 10/10. Love it.
Thank you devs!


Welp, looks like Co-op/Multiplayer seems to be very needed in this game more than in the others.

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It really does not help that you have to go to the forum to find the actual speed of the bombers in-game. So new players are justifiably confused as to how much does a single jet increase the speed of spacecraft.

Same thing with the Bullet Spray expanders and contractors, there’s no clue as to how much it’ll affect the bullet spread of certain weapons.

iA, please add descriptions for them.


Agreed. Even the difference between the stock one and the legendary last one is not that big.

You still get rewards, even if you fail the mission. That’s why penalty is applied.

Let’s say that interstellar highway has some kind of space stream which helps to travel with low fuels consumption. Off-road makes you leave the main stream and travel through the unknown space which consumes more fuel…? Off-road is more efficient for travelling by long distances.

This one is in FAQ topic with dev’s explanations of why it can’t be done right now.

Heroware is for basic attack stuff, like spacecrafts, weapons, heatsinks etc. Aftermarket sells consumables, like lives, phase-outs, bombs. That can be changed later so there is no texts for it. For example, skill levels used to be sold in heroware instead of hero academy before. That’s one time learning stuff, it might be put in tutorial.


This, among other things mentioned in this topic, is what me and GgWw1175 are working on. We’ve covered the basics, we still have to decide on exact values for them.


Thanks for the info, especially the part about multiplayer.

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