GEN Discussion/Feedback

Yes. But some horizontal waves are still included (e.g. Play Both Sides). Only waves that you stand back and fire across the entire length of the screen are excluded.

That is too many videos. The current ones don’t get that many views, I might reduce those too in the future.


I think the multiplayer highlights should include the boss fights or boss rush cause I don’t see any boss fights in these highlights

Would it be possible to have a toggle to opt in and out of the GEN system? Personally, I don’t have a problem being recorded, but I probably can’t say the same for others. I can get why some wouldn’t want to be recorded, either to not share what they do to maximize their scores (GC KO rounds come to mind) or just don’t want to be outright recorded.

However, I could see this having some consequences with video output. If one player has opted out of GEN recordings and the other one has not, then I could see the video not being published, since it’d only be one side (again, KO rounds come to mind). Unless, the system picks someone closer to a reasonable threshold. It’d also lead to potentially lower duration and/or quality of Highlight shorts.

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Empty bee can’t post.


I don’t remember why I had disabled this (hopefully I didn’t have a good reason), but I’ve allowed in starting tonight.


Highlight 2 - May 31, part 4 of the video, it seems like the host didn’t able to come up with 40FPS, and the ship itself just went through those chickens, more like a desync.

Plus it didn’t have any quotes because there were no death, but the whole highlight itself was a death highlight (?)


There are 12 highlight reels that have at least 700 views, and all of them are titled “Highlights 1”. I suspect this is because they’re the first videos uploaded each day. I think you should try experimenting with different upload orders to see if this is what really happens. Say, you could start with the multiplayer highlights. What do you guys think?

This is a video playback issue (caused by the low fps). The player did indeed die, but it wasn’t caught on camera.

It’s because I promote the first one each day.

You are right about this, I will promote different videos each week.


Why not set different videos to be promoted more frequently, maybe even each day?

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Anybody requests for “High-Contrast Text” mode in GEN?

A different video is promoted each day. I can’t do more than that because each promotion costs money.


I don’t fully understand. Why did you say “each week” instead of “each day” the first time, then?

I should have said “different highlights” rather than “different videos” (which is confusing).

I will promote “Highlights 1” for one week, then “Highlights 2” for the next week, etc… and “Highlights 5” for the fifth week.


I think the players death highlights should have more funny emoticons than just ¯_(ツ)_/¯ cause some of the clips are kinda funny

Why is only one player present in this clip of the 4th compilation of the day? Was there someone who lost all their lives and spectating because of it?

Edit: I also noticed the thumbnail cutting off at the right just now. I’m not sure if you can customize it for YouTube Shorts, can you?

I see the recent contents haven’t got Summer theme enabled. Can you apply it?

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In the last clip of this compilation, an ICBM can be seen popping out of existence upon reaching the edge of the screen. Could you please fix that?

Well, make some suggestions.

It’s possible that it’s a multiplayer game, but all other players left earlier in the wave.

No, Shorts don’t support custom thumbnails.

Today’s videos have it enabled.

It’s only the exhaust. Allowed.


How about these 3 xd?
(⁠ ̄⁠ヘ⁠ ̄⁠;⁠)


it is multiplayer and my guess is no one joined that party