[Game mode/wave] Soaring asteroids

In this mode you can’t move around but you can rotate your ship by moving mouse left and right or pressing “←” “→” on keyboard. Your ship will be centered and there will be some asteroids slowly floating near you (like this old “Asteroids” game)

Small ones can be easily destroyed while big ones will crack apart into smaller ones (Like “ᴀsᴛᴇʀᴏɪᴅs! no, realy” wave from CI2). In this mode gravity works like in CI4: If asteroid drops you a gift, it will fall in opposite direction from your ship’s look but items like keys or food will fall down regardless your direction.

The main problem it isn’t too unique to be new game mode.


Chicken Invaders game with spaceship locked in one place sucks.
I hate CI1 for even locking to one line and here you want to lock in one point.

I wait for the day when we will have more control of our spaceship (right now we can’t control when it rotates which drives me mad), but it would require more buttons and the best device to play Chicken Invaders (mouse) won’t be so great then.

Yeah, imagine CI game with VR controller support. You would have control over rotating, moving in all directions and few buttons to shoot/missile/special weapons. Who knows maybe in future it would even allow moving in 3D area so you can dive under the chickens or above them and shoot them. But it would require new game engine (Which I propose to make using Vulkan API)


Also don’t forget about mobiles. They have no buttons at all :slight_smile: . Don’t think volume buttons could be used, for example, for rotation.

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Yeah, that’s right. But you can also use controllers there.

Truth is there is not so much people who uses controllers with mobile thanks to incompatibility of some of them.

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not you EA

It’s kinda dumb that they are focusing on phones rather than pc players, that way they are very limited. Our EA -Universe is gonna be a pc exclusive!

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Well. VR controllers work on bluetooth which is mostly in every smartphone now. Also if I remember correctly they added VR support in version 7.0 and right now in february 2019, 58,11% android devices run version equal or higher than 7.0 (http://gs.statcounter.com/android-version-market-share/mobile-tablet/worldwide)
So we can do some tests. :slight_smile:
EDIT: My bad, they added Daydream VR in version 7.0. Earlier android also had working VR.

Somehow I diſagree with both @VerMishelb and @kokokokos.

Firſt, I don’t like this game mode as it is a clear ripoff of the game aſteroids, beſides beïng far removed from the claſſic Chicken Invaders mechanics.

Second, I really don’t think that Chicken Invaders ſhould move in a more “modern” direction with VR controller ſupport, ability to rotate one’s ſhip, &c. In particular, the ability to rotate your ſhip would make the game completely different, and not neceſſarily better.

Thirdly, @VerMishelb, great ſcore!

Oh, and:

Drat it! I was hoping to be able to play on my ſmart watch!


You know what’s worse? Not having the ability to control it. Let’s take for example pool table wave with chick gatling guns. Pretty simple wave, but some uncontrollable force spins your spaceship (and no, it’s not Vader Chicken fault). It would be so much better to have control over it so you can just focus on one chick gun and then move to other.

But that way we have some challange! Myes! And also simpler.

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Give me challenge but don’t restrict my movement possibilities. If I want a challenge with bad controls I have “Getting Over It with Benett Foddy” for this.

  1. How would you control it?
  2. Simpler does not neceſſarily a better game make.

Chicken Invaders has always had the non-rotating mechanic, derived from that of Space Invaders. It’s not reſtricting a capability that you uſed to have, it’s juſt not adding to them.

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Simpler is better here so you don’t need to use more than JUST your mouse or anything else, as having to have 2 seperate buttons to turn in my opinion would make the waves even harder. Especially with a fixed speed.


Sorry, I meant that eaſiër games are not neceſſarily better. I definitely agree that adding two buttons to rotate would make things rather fruſtrating for the caſuäl gamer.

  1. How would you control it?
  1. Simpler does not necessarily a better game make. (Hi, Yoda!)

Well I like hard, but fair games in which I have 100% control over the hero that I’m playing.

Yeah about that non-rotating mechanic. Have you played CI4, CI5 or CIU?

…Thus making Chicken Invaders far leſs ſuited for the caſuäl gamer.

  1. a. Hello!
    b. “100% control over the hero” What?
    c. Sorry, let me correct myſelf; I meant " Chicken Invaders has always had the non-voluntary-rotating mechanic, derived from that of Space Invaders".
    d. Yup.
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What about making it a optional control setting so casual gamers have nothing changed and people willing to get better could bind rotation controls to buttons of their own choice.

Well, IA added rotation mechanic, but the game itself controls it so you don’t have 100% of control over your spaceship. And don’t even make me start on camera controls.

  1. Space Invaders - Movement in 1 line at the bottom, pointed only up
  2. Chicken Invaders 1 - Movement in 1 line at the bottom, pointed only up
  3. Chicken Invaders 2 - Movement in 2D area, pointed only up
  4. Chicken Invaders 3 - Movement in 2D area, pointed only up
  5. Chicken Invaders 4 - Movement in 2D area, mostly pointed up, but has forced rotations
  6. Chicken Invaders 5 - Movement in 2D area, pointed up, but has more forced rotations
  7. (CIU is a mix of CI1-CI5 games)

My point is that Chicken Invaders abandoned Space Invaders movement restriction since CI2 (2002 year!) and here you are writing that Space Invaders didn’t have (voluntary-)rotating mechanic so we can’t have that in Chicken Invaders.

This would reſult in effectively having two games with completely different UIs.

What I meant here is that I’d be willing to bet (albeit not much- max 5 quid) that there’s not a ſingle game with 100% control. Moſt games do not allow unlimited inſtant teleportation, I’m pretty ſure (although I’m not really a big gamer).

I’m ſayïng that it’s a defining mechanic of this kind of game, and part of what makes them challenging. It ſhould not be changed juſt to be more like other games.

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