Full reset of my account in CIU

Great! I just lost 2k keys and my weapons! :smiley: I have crippling depression!

backup your data lul

Tell me how master

thx master

I went in to there itโ€™s showing me some files - CIU.pro2 , CIU.pro , CIU , CIU.hst , CIU.cfg CIU.cache.

This is your save. Try to copy-paste data from โ€œ10โ€ folder into โ€œ11โ€

Little help anyone?

Oh alright!

One thing, Itโ€™s already on 11.

10 is your save before updating. Backup 11 folder somewhere and try to past data from 10 to 11. I had same problem before (v8 to v9 update), restored my data by pasting v6 savedata in v9 folder, last progress saved for some reason, idk how this works.

One thing, I started this game on v11 and I only see folder 11 nothing more, only v11.

I only have folder 11 on CIU nothing more.
No folder 10.

You mean you only installed last update on your PC?

Yes, I am new here.

Odd. Very odd.

What was your nickname in the game before you lost your progress?

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From what we can tell, this is the 2nd time your progress is reset (1st reset was on Feb 19).

Do you always play CIU from the same computer? Or do you have more than one?

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I have more than one, one computer is in the other place and one in another.

Oh god I shouldโ€™ve changed other with iBreadV2