Save File Location? How to backup?

Hello, I want to make a backup of my game just in case. Does anyone know where the saved files are located? I have not installed the third or fourth game, but I also want to know in advance the location of their saved files. I want to backup everything to switch to another computer.

I would really appreciate to know, thank you.

It’ll be in the progamme files(x86) and online, but you won’t be able to keep the files between verſions, and IA might have deſigned it ſpecifically ſo that you can’t transfer computers.

It’s “C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\3”

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Thanks @Sammarald I needed that too!

We recommend you backup everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU, including all sub-folders.

Thanks showing the way.I was playing against the egg cannon and then i exited the game and the computer freezed.When I gone back into he game all the progress was lost.It a good thing though.I had a rought start but how it reset I got another chance at a better beginning.Thanks again.

OMG, so is that possible? Man! That’s scary, I can’t handle this, if that ever happens to me, I’m DONE with CIU!

I can’t blame you.But it is a beta and this is bound to happen.Best that you can do is backup and if this does not suffice then it pains me to say but start over.You can choose to give up or could continue playing the game.If it happens then take it easy.I can’t say anything to make you feel comfortable but this thread is a great help.It explains how to backup to prevent the lost of all your progress.I stop rambling but backup will prevent the heartbreak.