Frequently Asked Questions

Try to find your own email and set it.

If you did not found the email then register a new account.

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Please contact iA and send enough proof to get your account back, hopefully it’s not deleted yet.

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If we change our name (Callsign) regularly , is there any chance to get banned?

I don’t think so, but that would be a waste of keys for sure. Either way, I recommend that you only change names sparingly.


What is it that gives us high points in Boss Rush?

For example in Chicken Invasion it’s various bonuses, and picked up items. With asteroids, the more you crush the better.
But when doing a Boss rush, what is it we should shoot for? Is it speed maybe?

Just collect all the food and the money i guess…
Try to get as many multi-kill bonuses as you can in “Show 'em who’s the boss” and “Chicken Multiplicity”.


keep trying or clear inbox and resend code

yo uh im kinda new to the forum but i got a question: how do i make it so a long trip ingame takes like only 8 fuel units? i got legendary Magnetospheric Plasma Thruster, and it still consumes alot of fuel, the thing is i saw someone who just went to a big trip with offroad and it only costed him like what 4 fuel units… any explainations???

Magnetospheric consumption efficiency is rated 133. The standard Ion one is 127. The best hall-effect (with legendary rarity) with all 3 upgrade levels is 158. That’s probably where the difference comes from.

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but how do people make a long off road trips cost only 8 fuel units???

If that star system is close enough to their position, then yes. But I haven’t seen any such cases before. Hmm…

forgot to mention that he had fully upgraded warp drive and warp boost

that star system was a 1.5k+ fuel unit trip and the game just let him do that trip for 4 fuel units

unrelated question: is hall effect thruster rare rarity better than magnetospheric plasma thruster legendary rarity?

Should be a “yes”, but are you taking in account his position and your position relative to the said constellation?

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sorry i didnt understand some parts of what you were saying… but anyways is hall effect thruster rare better than legendary magnetospheric plasma thruster legendary?

You can compare their efficiency by comparing the values shown. I don’t have both to check.

The fuel consumption is calculated based on distance, not destination. Are you sure that the distance between your current position and the star system in question is the same to the distance between that player and the star system?

all im saying is that i once saw a video of kes gaming and i remember him going for a really long trip using offroad and it just costed him 4 fuel units, im still on the lookout for that video…

If that were made before galaxy regeneration/reset, then it might be the case.

2.1 questions:

1): does the price insight work on space burger? [if yes then how does it work? more food at red arrow? or blue arrow?]

2): around how much would a max upgraded orbit droid would cost?

2.1): related to question 2 around how much would a max warp boost and max warp drive cost?

edited: i will be waiting for answers please.

It’s around 2.2k keys for each max upgrade. But if you ask about total amount of spent keys, it is way beyond than just capping at 2k keys.

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