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Wasn’t too frequently asked.


I cannot log in. I do not know the password. They sent me a code but it does not work

Just check your email even if you trying to login in

I want a new code because the code that was sent to me is old and more than 10 minutes have passed and I cannot log in

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Try relink your account and refresh your mailbox to see if there’s any new verification code.


Old code didn’t work
If I delete the account, will it be completly deleted, or will it only be deleted from registration, and I can login in with it again until I receive a new code?
Or delete the game and download it again so that I can register again and take a new code.

deleted from registration

try a new code, and make sure you’re doing this properly and putting in the right e-mail

The account data is stored on server. Your PC only has login information, which you retrieve when you “Link account”. If the old PIN-code doesn’t work, either try to link account again to get a new one, or ping/write a private message to InterAction studios here, if even the new code doesn’t work.


Thank you, I deleted it, registered again and opened
Do you know a way to make it easier to control from the phone so that I don’t shoot when I move?

Go to Settings - Controls - Touchscreen.
You’ll be looking for “Firing mode” (and “Satellite firing mode” too if you also want more control over it).
Personally, I use second finger to fire main weapon and a button to fire satellites.


What deserves its own topic? What belongs in Chatting Place? I’m asking this because I have seen too many comments that point topic posters there.

The comments will always be a thing as long as people can’t say anything related to the topic theme but really want to write something, especially if they are suggesting to move it to Chatting Place that removes the replies 3 days after they are posted. In general, if there is a topic for X — writing X there makes sense. If the X is different or complicated enough to deserve a larger discussion — X becomes a topic.


The email has been deleted. How can I register?

If you want to change the linked e-mail and you have a device where you are already logged in, you can simply press “Change e-mail” and set a new one.

My account is not linked to email, and I cannot login in my account without email

My name in the game is: yarahatem


Do you have your game account linked to your e-mail or not, yes or no?
@InterAction_studios, can you please help out this poor person with their account?

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May be her account has been deleted or lost.

If she would register a new account then it won’t even restore the lost account, if she can able to never forget it

I said twice that the account was lost. Will you know what to do or not?

Let me guess.

What is your account has linked to for?


And did you re-enter your password (own account) or change your another email account into the game?

May be there some of bummer on your account.:man_shrugging:

I didn’t make a password
Yes , the email has changed, so I can’t find my email