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Thank-you @SpaceDragon I’ll see if I can put up a good pic. Be well all…

I wish I had your advice when I was searching for wormholes. It took a lot to find them. Be well all…,

thats a VERY old screenshot, so the locations have changed, there should be a list of all current wormhole co ordinates somewhere in the forum, so you can try searching for that if you prefer

brought it up from modding topic

I don’t know how some people here are able to change their forum name. How did they do so (besides asking iA)?

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Private messaging to InterAction studios. That’s the only way.


Thanks. I guess it’d better be only that way.

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What does the blue circle mean? (around IA’s PFP)

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It means that the topic starter replied to the topic.


UCO 5 when?

You keep trolling.

Correction: Trolling.

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keys”, meaning that your current key balance plus whatever your owned equipment is worth (so you can buy it again).

But what if the equipment is a certain rarity (ex. a Rare Cubic Boron Arsenide heat sink)? Will there be compensation for that, or will it be available in a regional store/Galactic Shop?

iA has said that it’s likely no one will lose anything when we go to full release.

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Will elements from 1-5 not yet seen, show up in CIU?
Most if not all are “remixed” with newer enemies.
1-2 bosses - replaced with Master/Crazy Sqwauker
Egg Drone - replaced with chick laser gun?
Eggship - replaced with armoured eggship/chick gatling gun
Four planetary bosses in CI5
Missile strike from CI3
Flat UFOs from CI2/3

Not sure if I missed anything here but that’s all that comes to mind fast.

I guess also falling rocks from CI5 ice world.
Doesn’t seem to make sense to put jellyfish, tentacles, crystals, glow-plants, in space, and lightning already exists in lightning-type worlds/suns.

A redesign was required for these because they are too simple by CIU standards.

Can’t say that, because they have a different mechanic of attacking you.

Same here. None of them give that pattern attack feel from egg ship.

Require planetary missions due to technical stuff, which are not yet (if ever) implemented.

Literally one wave with an enemy that appears only in this wave.

Technically replaced with Festers, but I miss the old design very much too.

Requires planetary missions.


Fair points. I realize I also forgot about frozen chicks, and submarines. But same issues as ditto.

I still don’t see why the ice chicken and maybe jellyfish can’t show up in space as bosses, but then again even the mothership is quite rare.

Missile strike - yes, but it has two variations in Wave 2 World 1 vs Wave 4/6 (?) World 8 (Osiris/Orion Arm?)
-And in terms of enemies with few appearances, the green alien UFOs with swirly blue laser beams, only appear in 3 waves. Divide and Conquer, Nasty Surprise, and Shoot and Scoot. Still very tough enemies compared to other UFOs.

The jellyfish boss isn’t attached to any ground objects in its wave. A “space jellyfish” is a bit outlandish but we already have space crabs for comparison. Water not required.
@PlasmaX (I can’t reply any more today, first day posting has a limiter).

I also read on the wiki there were cancelled/delayed ninja chick and robot chick bosses. I don’t really see a utility to a robot boss when we have space crab, magneto chicken, and astronauts. But would a ninja chick (using the ninja chick AI for a boss) be workable? It could use much of the same stuff as Featherbrain, but would it be hard to program? OP or under-OP?

Probably in the future.

The planet for it doesn’t exist.

Is it intentional that some bosses only engage certain attacks at 100%+ difficulty?

I’ve only once encountered a Comet that moves down at you, and a Thundercluck that has three lasers on its guitar instead of one when spinning.

I don’t play at over 100% difficulty as epic/semi-epic waves tend to crush me. Even a wave of just UFOs is very irritating, especially on levels like Chicken Pie.

It is intentional.

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I have an interesting question in my mind I wanted to ask, When all the CI soundtracks gonna be released on Listening platforms (like spotify, soundcloud, etc.), it would be nice if people were able to listen to it while doing other objectives or games.