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Try disabling vertical synchronization in graphics settings.

I will try your advice @VerMishelb I’m not so good with comps but I try. Also how long does it usually take for IA to recognise 100,000 keys accumulated medal? I have done this and have not received the award for 3 days now. Be well all…

It should be awarded automatically the next time you log in.

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Day 4 and nothing so far, any ideas? Be well all…

Can you provide a screenshot of your medal screen with the key count shown nearby?

I don’t know how to do that. be well all…

Are you sure you haven’t just collected, but concurrently have that many keys (which is the condition for the medal to be awarded)?

Does this mean that you have 100000 keys to spend now (keys on display with fuel and tier level)? Because I have collected over 5m in food. I just haven’t cashed in yet. Be well all…

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Yes, in that case, you can cash the food in, and you’re another step closer to completing your unique medal collection! I wish you well, too^

Thank’s for clearing this up for me. I was confused. Be well all…

HI , Can I Get A Early Alpha Account Before The Email Feature?
I Moved To A New Pc Lately And I Lost It , Is there any way possible to get it back?

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What do you mean by that?
If you’ve lost access to your account and haven’t completely linked an e-mail address to it, then you lost it for good. You can create a new account at anytime by clicking the “Add guest” button, given that you do not already have one.

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I Couldn’t Link An E-Mail At The Time Due To The early Alpha stage of the game
just Wondering If IA Can Help Me
Also I Made A New Account

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Just Want My Stuff Back , No Less No More.

How many score did you have from your old progress?

You have been already told that your account has been deleted FOREVER. An excerpt from the support page on the game’s website:

You’ve wanted to get over it, haven’t you? Just do it, bro.

Gee Tits McGee , I Had Not Seen It , Have A Sense Of Remorse Gosh Darnit

Dude, what lol? You want me to feel guilty for directing you from your bargaining stage to acceptance? Regardless, I think I’ve made my point clear. I’ll just quit replying to you about this. Peace!

What is balancing and why can’t I log back in. I get socerror or something in the middle of a mission and it is hard to get back the same focus to be successful, Be well all…