Food, Coins and Medals Ideas

  1. How about making the Chicks drop small coins when you kill a lot of them.

  2. How about making the Toxic Chicken drop toxic food/coins, they won’t destroy the player, but will make him lose points, also they won’t be countable when awarding Food/Coin Medals.

  3. A medal that’ll be awarded when getting every possible medal in the end of a mission, click the Example below for better information,


  4. A medal that is awarded when amassing 100k food.


Already suggested, link to topic

Only “when selling 100k food” idea is already suggested, link to topic, But that will be a copy of Scrooge McCluck medal, since you will be getting the same for passing 100k keys.

That will make the game a little easier.

I have no opinion on this one, but it will look hard for some players.

I will just make a poll to see if your ideas are good or not.

  • Good ideas.
  • Neutral on them.
  • Bad ideas.

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Define “kill a lot of them”. Would it work like - after killing 6 of them they then drop a coin?

Already explained by minasam

Hey, that’s mine :stuck_out_tongue:
Ideas from my old email conversation

I’m against it. I’m also against the amassing 100k keys, but I guess it’s too late. The thing with these medals is that they stop you from actively using the game mechanics. Plus it is a total grind. And that’s one of the things that I hate the most in the games.


I don’t know, it could be rarer than the “food dropping percent”, but they have to drop small coins.

Sorry :laughing:

I know, but I wanted it to be added because there is the 100k keys medal, so why not 100k food and it’ll be easier than it.

I don’t see any problems with that. Would be good.

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But they sometimes drop a legpiece…

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