Grill hero medal suggestion

hey @InterAction_studios I have a little suggestion for this medal
is awarded for selling 10.000 food. no offece I think that is very easy to obtain this medal.that’s why I propose to change the “stipulation” and make this medal from a very easy task to an normal task awarded for selling 100.000 food at once!!!

Sounds like too much grinding for me.


Dont ruin another medal pls!

Two letters: NO

who ruin what? you wanna earn 1000 medals just with your presence.!..and after all it’s not evan a big deal 100.000 food

When in doubt, try democracy.

  • good idea
  • goodn’t idea

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My goal playing Chicken Invaders series has never been winning the highest number of medals, but instead the most types of medals.

really??? …wich means that is not a good ideea by voting no you chose the number insted chosing the challenge :+1:

Perhaps you should realize that not all of us have time to play 24/7.
I’m not sure which “challenge” you’re talking about when collecting this much food simply takes time.

Instead of a suggestion for new medal, we could instead increase the profit if you sell more food at the same time.

@Orandza I know that but like I was saying it’s not evan a big deal and 10.000 food sems too easy …and by the way a big deal was flying 10.000 missions…and someone criticise me for proposing a change and I quote “ruin”
@GuestUniverse the profit is more than enough and there’s a lot of ways for collecting keys in my oppinion

For casual players, who play a game once in a while, current form of a medal is OK. Changing it to 100k food would be total nonsense. However, I think it would be cool to add another medal for hardcore players. 50k, or 100k you proposed seems fine for a “ultimate food selling challenge”. So yea, changing current medal: NO, adding new for the passionate/hardcore players : absolutelly yes.

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