[feedbacks for interaction studios]

First idea: I think the difficulty for squadrons should be increased,
For example waves with 5000 chickens -or something like that- that makes it more fun for squadrons,
instead of waves with 50 chickens ends in around 2 minutes or less.

Second idea: Make servers instead of searching for players to invite.
Or put an option to make a room in the game for anyone who wants to come.

Third idea: Add an option to cancel the assigned missions.

Forth idea: make the space ship carry 2 satellites like in Chicken Invaders 5.

Thank You.

Squadron missions are galaxy missions, you can’t expect each wave to have 5000 enemies, if so the 40-wave missions would take 10 hours to complete.

Probably there should be an option for members to search for squadrons and apply, then wait the leader to review, but I don’t really get your second idea.

Assigned missions automatically disappear after 48 hours, and if there is an option to remove them from your list, you would actually damage your squadron.

Buy spacecrafts in the Galactic Store to increase satellite slots.

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For the First idea: I mean they should increase the enemies for the squadrons.

For the Second Idea:
I mean they should put an option for making rooms and people see these rooms and join any room they want, instead of searching for players to play with you.
And is there an option to search for squadrons? I didn’t know that. And where is it?

Depends on what type of mission the squadron leader gives to their members. Those missions are exactly the same as the one you play.

Most of the time I give my members short missions.

i have one question can you join more than one squadron.

Well, you can buy more squadron if you like so it is.

That means having servers for it, and that costs more money. It could be only viable after the game full launch, when it starts giving profit to iA.

Speaking of Squadrons,can someone add me to one?My callsign is Enhawk.It doesn’t have to be top-notch or anything,any squadron is totally fine.

Got you man!

second and third idea sound good also for the fourth you need to buy better spaceship to carry more satellites

also reinvite me if you can callsign is An Unnamed Hero or someone else

I just added you to Galactic Gladiators

I still Want the First idea, it doesn’t have to be 5000 chickens but I mean they should increase the enemies. Or make hard Special missions for Squadrons.

Also the second idea and the third idea too.

Forth idea is solved. I understood.

New ideas:-

Fifth idea: Add an option to send messages to squadron members.

Sixth idea: Add an option to search for Squadrons. Currently there is no option to search for Squadrons.

To be honest this game is usually easy even if you play the daily challenges on hard,
[That is my opinion].
most of the chickens don’t drop eggs,
For example wave with 50 Chickens, only 10 of them drops eggs. it is rare when I see a hard wave.
Or you may say all the chickens drop eggs but the -rate of dropping eggs- of the chickens is not High. I am talking about the chickens which are not in the bosses.

Seventh idea: Make most of the chickens drop eggs and increase the rate of dropping eggs of the Chickens.

Wait for Pulsating Grid with some chickenauts.


Have you ever won Weekly Challenge on Superstar Hero without losing a life or using superweapons? Or 120th Anniversary where the rate of dropping eggs is crazy?


Well, yeah, becauſe the ſquadron leader has to invite you- It’d be dumb to allow players to invite themſelves.

THey could just apply to the squadron

I apologize, Perhaps I should be clear,

I meant: An option to search for Squadrons and another option so you can send a request to the squadron leader.
The squadron leader can accept the request or reject it.

rata536, I played Pulsating Grid alot,
GuestUniverse, I never use super weapons, I used a super weapon only once “3 missiles” because I had them for free when I was new.

That’s requested a while ago.

Still squadron leaders have the option to accept incoming requests or not and they might not prefer to search for specific callsigns themselves. Also, they have the option to make their squadron visible on search.

But have you ever really won a Weekly Challenge on SSH without losing a life? Even for me, the best I’ve ever won is losing 2 lives.

I’m asking those because you may haven’t explored the game fully yet.

Fractorial, Good Ideas.
“Recommend squardron might also be there in the search option, swadron leader may allow it to be visible on the recommended list.”

“they have the option to make their squadron visible on search”.

I see that also there should an option to cancel requests.

GuestUniverse, No , I never used Supertar hero difficulty,
and what do those difficulties do?
Tourist, Rockie, Seasoned, Veteran, Vertuoso, Superstar Hero.

I know they make the game harder but I still don’t realize how.
Do they increase rate of dropping eggs? Or change waves? Or more movement for enemies? Or what?

I only used Rockie then Seasoned, I still don’t have enough keys to purchase the rest of the difficulties.

For your question about 120th Anniversary:
I played 120th Anniversary and I don’t see the rate of dropping eggs crazy, except in the bosses.