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Ahmed Gouda use hack fire rate

That result in an average flight time of 5.6s per wave, by the way do waves need to be from unique missions each day to be counted towards leaderboard?

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Accidentally encountered niptuun on YouTube after they falsely accused IA of “stealing their money”. Is that the same person or their accomplice?

Just asking, since we are drafting our own blacklist (basically a list of any party that we found out so problematic for our audience, that we want to avoid permanently).

There HAVE been exploits where people could use the Absolver Beam on Squawk Block missions to get Marksman medals (which can seriously rack up a lot of points). Especially if he was using an autoclicker or firing at an abnormally high firerate. This will trigger the Marksman mission several times in one wave, making it possible to build up millions of points per Squawk Block.
I think you should do something about the Absolver Beam.
YES, I do think it is a terrible weapon for other missions, but it CAN be abused in Squawk Block.
Be well, all.

ill check

The maximum firerate for absolver beam is 10 shots per second. You can’t shoot faster than that to make the same hit register more than once. Even so, that would only affect accuracy, and not how many medals you get in a wave.

If what you meant was that Absolver makes it really easy to get the accuracy medal for a squawk block wave, then that’s not even an exploit. That’s something the game outright lets you do.



Can you check this player because they were banned recently but who changed their name?

Note that this player has been banned in Feb 9th

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That’s Ahmed Gouda’s (Herobrine Error 888) alt account, he can play on a new account as long as he doesn’t cheat or violate the ToS.

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Tho isn’t he technically banned permanently? And also playing on an alt account while a ban is under effect is illegal

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We would like to point out why yours was right. Talk about ethic crisis and cowardice due to constant ban evade.

Though that troublemaker might be in their safest position right now (until they got banned again), as long as they don’t send their cohorts to attack the game and the forum (cough niptuun cough).

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That’s Ahmed Gouda (A-G NULL GLITCH 888)



couldn’t have figured that one out


Imagine evading a cheat ban in 2023 (which is a fair ban), wouldn’t be me.

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I saw AHMED’s youtube channel keeps using their reason of ban as a copy-paste joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if they copypasted that reason of ban again. You could even make it passive aggressive to them and they still wouldn’t noticed


What’s that stupid ban anyway?

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Man? Ahmed Gouda is play with new Account! not first account have been banned!

it’s Ahmed Gouda (A-G Null Glitch 888 :crown:)

That’s right!

do you even need to spread out that kid to my very old comment/post?

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who asked

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