Environment effect on planets

There are many types of planets in CIU, so i think they should have their own effect. Here is some my ideas:

  • Hot planets: The hot temperature make your spacecraft become harder to cooldown the overheat bar. If the overheat bar is full, your spacecraft will explosive immediately.
  • Lightning planets: An EMP shield will protect you from the lightning storm. After each way, an EMP shockwave will happen and destroy your shield. The shield will automatic rebuilt after 30 sec, and during that time if you are hit by any lightning or a shockway, you can’t move in 5 sec.
  • Sun planets: Regularly, the sun will release a solar wind which will clear everything on its way. Chickens will gather to create their shiels to avoid the wind and they can’t attack or be attacked. Try to stay behind them to survive from the wind.
  • Wormhole: The instability of the wormhole make all edges of the screen can’t be “stand”. If you touch the edges, you will teleport to a random area in the screen. This effect can also affect to anything in the screen (except bosses)
    That is all idea i think about, can anyone give more idea.
    P/s 1: I have just attend this forum. If this topic have the same idea with another topic, i’m very sorry.
    P/s 2: My English is not very good.
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Dangerous. Dont like… You can just die cause of luck

The hot planet concept is cool
Maybe the contrary may happen on frozen wasteland

In my opinion retro missions are fine
Maybe a new gamemode?

Cool concepts but I don’t see them playable

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I kind of already suggested that.

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Sorry about that. I haven’t read it before