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Environment Changes

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New Enviroments

Diamond/Crystal Plants

This Enviroment Called
Harden Enviroment
The reason behind its
hardness Because of the planet and the climate

Physical appearance

The Planets with harden Environment most likely to have glowing inside of it as the star's light reflect from the planet

What Does This Planet add

it adds Stronger Chickens sometimes there would be areas with Strong Light if you step in them it Blinds the player For 1 second ( There will be Warning Before that )

Types of Mission

New Bitmap Image

This Type of Mission Have More Harden Chicken
Armored Chickens will have Some glow on the
due to the diamonds on their armor
Space Crab will have some shine parts
barbequer won’t deal much damage so it is basically
the chicken is hard not strong
some weapons will be so bad at this mission and some will be so perfect
and you have to hit the bosses in the right spot
so you should prepare some strategy

Crystals attacks

Chickens spawn them to protect their comrades from your attack
they will appear in front of your spacecraft with a warning
it has similar mechanics in CI5

Biohazard/Radioactive Enviroment

Due to the Planet Being saturated with Radioactive Elements such as Uranium

Physical appearance

It is a green planet with some explosion
due to Radioactive Elements inside it
and the chickens wear a hazmat suit
Sorry I am bad at drawing lol

when you enter the mission there will be some green smoke


It requires a radioactive Shield and Heat Shield using heat shield due to the temperature of the planet bec the Radioactive elements reacting You can buy Radioactive Shield from the shop with 535 Keys

New Bitmap Image (3)
New Bitmap Image (3)

What does this planet do

bec of the place’s Temperature
you overheat faster than normal planets

Some explosions may happen
similar to the thunder environment before an explosion occurs
you will see a green circle around the place that will have an explosion

there is also radioactive enemies
such as Radioactive chickens that explode when you kill them

Enviroment Meter

it is a meter that tells you how strong the environment in this mission is

1 = low environment
10 = Strong Environment
for example
if you are doing a mission in Thunder environment
if the Environment meter is 10
you will have lightning that appears too many times
if the environment meter = 1
then you won’t get that much lightning

if you have a superstar hero on it will give you 3 more environment points
if environment meter = A = 10
and SSH 3 additional points = 3
then A+B= 13 Environment points

( if you have any questions you can ask me)

Additional idea

I will add a thing to this idea go check it out if you haven’t checked it

that you can see a star explosion as a live event
you can participate in that event and fly waves
in the first 24 hours from the star explosion, you will be granted a mission
from 100 waves


I spend a total of 7+ hours on this topic
I hope you like the concept
Don’t forget to leave a Reply
and see you on another topic

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i changed the poll you can vote

I don’t think SSH should increase the environment meter, since it’s already somewhat tougher to deal with higher difficulty


I vote new Environment and that great idea for missions adds maybe is missed something

Is more keys mission one or Unlimited

about the Hazardous environment, u shouldn’t bring green smoke in bottom screen

Not bad idea

thanks (:slight_smile:

i don’t know
I want to add visual effects for the environment

The mission in your idea will prefer with pro player
So this is a good challenge

New environments i want in Chicken invaders universe please İA add these New environments i need crystals and plants and radiactif atmostphere and New shield in Chicken invaders universe please i want it in Chicken invaders universe please!

Added to v69420 ( :medal_sports: Idea)

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Stay Tunned new Update soon

when will such environments be added in Chicken invaders universe? Please tell İA!

Ok man just stop tell iA add idea like unachero, you need to be patient.


There’s already 4 Environments In the game so don’t need more


i think do need more than one environments in Chicken invaders universe game

No, 4 Environments Is already make gameplay harder a bit

Hello you can’t say no or yes here you are not ia

And you

Stop this can you

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i want see environment meter in Chicken invaders universe game