As weapons overheat faster in hot enviroments, they should overheat slower in cold enviroments as well. I also agree with most of stuff in this topic linked below.


Suggested a lot and denied. (Can’t mention them all)

What I know is cold environments will have some sort of ice covered on the game screen that decreases your chance of visibility

my suggestion is this on every cold enviroment:

my second suggestion is there should be rare-to-find extreme enviroments while there are normal enviroments. more key and points multiplier. and to make these enviroments easier, you can upgrade your heat shield.
i agree with these about extreme hot enviroments

overheating too much kills you is kinda far way too extreme lmao

i agree with these about extreme cold enviroments:

im neutral about these about extreme cold enviroments:

as i said, extreme enviroments will not replace any of these normal hot/cold enviroment missions

It’s kind of supposed to be an extra challenge. Though you would think that.

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