Extreme Environments

Sometimes weather goes crazy…

Extreme Environments are missions that only exists in either inferno, sun or frozen wasteland. They’re your ordinary classic invasions but…with a twist

Hot Environments

Mission name: Hellfire

Default tier requirements: 60

Hellfire is a hot environment-themed mission. In this mission, you are literally in the planet, all hot elements here are at hell level. following positive and negative:

  • “Sunlights” appear from all sides
  • Your weapon overheats 50% faster
  • Overheat takes 6 seconds to cool down
  • Overheating too much (>10 times) will kill you (unless you bring your coolants)
  • Hot & Metal weapons +50% damage

Frozen Environments

Mission name: Frigid

Default tier requirements: 40

Frigid is a frozen environment-themed mission. In this mission, (almost) everything is absolute zero. Weapons are weaker, temperature goes down over -1000 Celsius. Following positive and negative:

  • Frozen layer reforms faster. Standing still will also freeze where you at. Frozen layer is also thicker unlike normal layer, from harder to unable see.
  • Hot weapons damage decreased by 25%
  • Less heat = less damage for all weapons (can decrease 75% of current damage)
  • Heat capacity increased by 100%
  • Weapon cooldown 125% faster
  • All items fall slower

Just so you know, absolute zero is actually at -273.15oC.


forgot a 0, thank you.

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I mean… absolute zero is an unattainable temperature and distant cosmic bodies have only ever come close to it. Kinda unrealistic, if you ask me. Now don’t pull the chicken card on me, I have a secret weapon.


gives an asteroid card instead

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gives uco 5 card

You fool you gonna summon the Donny who gonna kill all bomber players


Only the strong may walk the earth

Good idea.

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