Endless Mode (a.k.a Arcade Mode) *New GameMode Idea*

Because of children, I guess?

It’s on the IA version,too. It’s not just for UCOs. Some regular waves were also nerfed. It also happened to ci4.

The nerf was applied to all versions of ROTY. It was done because they adapted the game to the widescreen format, and they probably felt like the U.C.O.s would be too hard with the smaller screen area.

Alright, that explains it I guess.

That guy actually played it? Wow. That reminds me that someone I know told me there was a study, where more than half of kids, couldn’t beat the first level of mario. I bet it’s not accurate now, but since when was chicken invaders hard? (Except hard mode trying for no deaths. Obviously)

great idea if it was very mixed and had every boss in the cl franchise also it could have lets just say like boss from wave ten of cl 5 then we will get the city planet from cl 4 in the next ten waves then egg launcher of the metal egg that shoots green laser stuff from cl3 then mother hen ship from cl4 /and it should have a pattern but it can be reversed then but it would have a reverse pattern reverse pattern then i have an idea that it could have hen solo in some waves then we could add some weapons from the past like the plasma rifle from cl3 and have more unique patterns each time u load up the mode and there would be 70 diffrent patterns and each ten waves it woul hve a randomized bosses and some bosses tht rare the same could be diffrent tiers of hp and damage make the mode have health bar for the ship so that diffrent projectiles could do more damage and diffrent effects also depending on the tier of the boss the effects would be weak or strong

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