Early Access version 97

Do you have your ideas for new waves

No, Im very busy.

Well, there’s also Appetite Attractor which basically means a single player can hoard all of the food, coins, powerups and gifts at the detriment of other players, I’d ban that as well.

If you’re out to get as much food, coins and keys as possible, you should be playing singleplayer.

  • Well, the system uses the default name with the space included in the callsign, so it’s not avoidable
  • You may just cutout some items

Rarity is less important than type: even a legendary entry-level reactor is not going to be better than a common top-tier reactor.

But I agree with sorting in decreasing rarity (legendary at the top). Changed in v.98 :medal_sports: Idea

Added in v.98 :medal_sports: Idea

That message was sent Nov 25 13:15 GMT, which was before the v.97 update. Let me know if you see it again starting today.

Spaces are allowed in callsigns everywhere in the game. I don’t think it’s important, but if there’s strong demand I could trim the whitespace around them.

That could clutter the screen. Why would other players need to know that information?


When will the Great Minds Think Alike deliver? Is that in the next version or the current version (Not saying idea)

During the next update.



because this update is likely to come out in December, please include a christmas theme in the game :slight_smile:

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Hold up.

If you’re using someone else’s email, are you not getting their account blocked or deleted, rather than your own? Or am I misunderstanding this?

Oh, and also, I did a thing:

Thanks iA, for making a game series that’s stuck with me for years!


Do You Know,You Can’t Death In Mutiplayer Room Right ???
Example:Someone Will Create Mutiplayer Room But In Private Mode And Using Mass Consender Item To Farm Dirty Keys In Boss Rush Mission Or Double Team Mission

Banning the item still is not the way to solve it.


Continuing the topic from CID, I’d like to propose values for a :zap:20 upgrade for Absolver Beam.
The only requirements it really needs to fulfil is being 20% to 25% stronger than :zap:10. A 20% increase allows us to keep nice looking numbers for partially charged shots like on previous power levels, so I’d suggest going with that:

  • Uncharged: 1080 damage
  • Full: 18000 damage

Additionally, I propose giving :zap:20 a beam width increment. Increasing it by the same amount of pixels as on previous power levels (8px at 1080p) should be sufficient to give it a bare minimum of visual distinction without making it too wide.


Should I talk about the Ghost trail is eating some bandwidth usage (or CPU)?


Then increase the price of mass consender item
Example: 3x8, increase the price to 24x3
24 keys only get 1 mass consender item

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It didnt had a lot of change before it was used now, so I dont think it should be changed just for a thing
Besides, everyone can do it, and 24 keys is too much

So you still want to continue to see the status of farm key not equal to your strength ???
Use Mass Condenser Item To Playing Double Team Or Boss Rush With Mutiplayer Private Room

So I played Galactic cup and I seriously think the missions on Knockout phase are too long, 81 waves is more akin to weekly challenge than a normal mission. Can there be 30-60 waves instead?

Also, it takes quite a while to get to Knockout phase so can the rewards be increased to 300+400+500+600+700+800+900+1000=5200? 200 keys doesn’t seem enough for getting past the group phase.

Feel free to add your own numbers though.

Doing it just reduces your win rate, AND i already said it can be done to everyone, farming key in muiti, especially when you are a person having chl
And thats not the only way to farm keys, people give themself out to many key farming strategies, in which some people found like your speech to be suitable.
But I do agree with mass condense key increase, but like 5 each? people doesnt get mostly more than 100 keys every match

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Ok thanks,now I just want IA to solve that problem
Or should IA remove zombie mechanics in mutiplayer mode